Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Take It and Pass It On

When I respond with kindness
You learn kindness is the way.
When I hold you through the tears
You see that sadness doesn't stay.
When you call me in the night
And ask if I can stay,
You learn trust when I lie down
And keep the scary stuff away.
As I speak to you gently
Rather than raise my voice,
You learn, my little one,
That you always have a choice.
And you will take this kindness,
And this gentleness we've shown,
The trust, the love, the hope,
And all that you have known,
You'll take it and pass it on,
The beauty in giving grace.
As fear is replaced by love,
The world becomes a better place.

© 2015 Rebecca Eanes, from the book Lasting Bonds

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