Thursday, May 28, 2015

Butterfly Garden

MC got a Painted Lady butterfly growing kit and book as a gift for Christmas last year, and it has finally gotten warm enough here to order the caterpillars. The caterpillars come in a self-contained cup with food and instructions.

Day 1

The caterpillars eat and grow rapidly for the first few days.

Day 3

Then they attach to the lid of the container and begin to form their chrysalis.

Day 6

After their chrysalis is fully hardened, you move them to the butterfly habitat.

Day 8

Where they eventually hatch out into beautiful butterflies!

Day 12

You feed them fresh fruit and nectar for a few days.

Day 13

And then release them into the wild to continue their life cycle.

Day 15

We all thought the process was fascinating and educational. Each day MC was so excited to check in on her butterflies and see how they were changing.

I would highly recommend this for any age kids - even BD and I really enjoyed it! The book is also really great, especially for the younger crowd, to help explain what exactly they are seeing.

And now every time MC sees a butterfly she asks, "Is it one of our butterflies, Mama?"

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