Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

MC woke up on Easter Sunday morning to discover that the Easter bunny had visited our house and left her a basketful of goodies! Her basket had new swimsuits for the summer and some other small things - a book, a Cinderella DVD, a baby doll.

The biggest hits were the chocolate bunny (yes, we let her eat it for breakfast!) and this beanie baby bunny.

This is the same bunny that they have at her gymnastics class (they use beanie babies as enhancements for some of the activities - step over it on the balance beam, hold above head and jump on trampoline, etc), and she always makes a beeline for this specific one, and she has a hard time letting it go when it's time to put them away. The first thing she said when she saw the bunny in her basket was "Just like at gymnastics!" 

Later in the morning, we had some friends come over for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. With four little toddler girls, it was quite the scene, but it was very fun to watch them all in action as they hunted for the eggs in our backyard!

MC's m.o. was to stop and open each egg as she found it to determine what was hiding inside. Each egg was stuffed with ONE chocolate candy, and there were 12 eggs per kiddo, so it wasn't just total gluttony.

Although, between the chocolate bunny breakfast, the chocolate in the Easter eggs, and the 1/2 pound of monkey bread she consumed at brunch, she completely skipped her afternoon nap! Which is totally out of character for her -- she just laid in her bed and talked, sang, and laughed to herself for almost 2 hours without ever falling asleep.

MC took the opportunity to also squeeze in a little egg-tossing practice.

Truth in blogging: I didn't get any good pics of MC on Easter Day, so I bribed her with more chocolate politely suggested that she put on the same outfit on Monday so we could go outside and take a few more pics.

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