Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Day in The Life

Monday, April 28, 2015

MC is 2y, 10m
LA & BD are 35

6:50a - BD's alarm goes off; he snoozes it.

7:00a - Alarm again. I roll out of bed and throw on the workout clothes I laid out last night. Let Piper out of her crate, leash up, and we're out the door for a run.

7:45a - Back home again, hit the shower. BD goes up to wake up MC. They make an appearance to tell me good morning, then play upstairs while I finish showering and dry my hair. I scarf down a protein bar for breakfast.

8:15a - MC and I come into the kitchen to start her breakfast while BD showers and gets ready for work. MC chooses oatmeal with berries this morning. BD comes in to tell MC that he hears the garbage truck, so they stand at the window and watch for a few minutes. MC eats her oatmeal at the kitchen table and watches an episode of Super Why! I put away the dishes I washed last night then I sit with her at the table and chat while I check in on the world - email, FB, news, blogs.

9:00a - BD leaves for work. He's headed out on a work trip later today, so we won't see him for a few days. I answer many, many questions about his work trip, airplanes, airports, etc. MC finishes her oatmeal and then asks for granola. I get her some granola out of the pantry and put it on her placemat. I start typing up notes for this post, and suddenly she has multiple urgent requests...first she needs a bowl for her granola, then she doesn't have enough granola in the bowl, then Piper is "bodderin" her, then her foot is a baby and needs to be held (#ToddlersAreWeird), etc.

9:20a - Breakfast over, so I clean up MC and she gets down to play. I finish cleaning up from breakfast then start sorting laundry. MC appears to help me put the laundry in the washer, which means it takes 3x as long as it should. After laundry is started, I tell MC that I need to vacuum the hard floors and she has the option of riding in the carrier on my back or watching TV while I vacuum. Long discussion about the merits/drawbacks of each option - final decision is watch TV (surprising choice! she usually goes for the carrier). She negotiates for a snack while she watches, and we agree on 2 gingersnap cookies and some water.

9:50a - Finished vacuuming, after multiple interruptions to answer questions, clean cookie crumbs off fingers, etc. Tell MC is it time for us to get dressed so we can go to the library to return books and check out new ones. Suddenly it is imperative that she put on boots and rain coat to go outside and check on Piper, despite the fact that it is a beautifully sunny day. Help her into boots and coat, help her open door to deck. She gets interested in her bubbles on the table, so I come back inside to type up more of these notes and let her have some independent play time, which we are trying to encourage.

10:05a - Independent play over, she comes in and starts climbing all over me in the chair, wanting to "do work" on the computer. Tell her it's time to go upstairs and get dressed.

10:25a - She is being the opposite of cooperative with the getting dressed process, so in order to maintain my sanity, I take a break and come downstairs to switch out the laundry. Remind myself to just breathe, that we are not in a hurry, she is developmentally appropriate in exerting her independence, etc. Head back upstairs to see if she's ready to get dressed.

10:45a - She is dressed and wants to stay upstairs to play while I get myself dressed. Come downstairs, see that I've missed a call from BD. Call him back and he says he's left something at the house that he must have for his trip later today. Our house is in the opposite direction from the airport, so we agree that MC and I will bring the item to him after her nap this afternoon. Begin getting dressed, hear a strange sound from upstairs (her room is directly above my bathroom), go to investigate, and see her walking down the hall with her step stool in one hand and the cupcake tower in the other hand. After a few questions, determine that she saw it in the storage closet and didn't know what it was, so she got her step stool out of her room, took it to the closet so she could reach the cupcake tower, and then was bringing it to me to find out what it is. Resourceful little rascal! Answer a million few questions about the cupcake tower: what is it for? (to display cupcakes at a party) why? (because cupcakes are pretty) what color is it? (silver) Silver looks like gray? (yes, usually) why? (because they are similar colors) who gave it to me? (no one, I bought it myself) what store did it come from? (bed, bath, and beyond) was she with me when I bought it? (no, I bought it before you were born) why? (because I needed it for a party) can we put cupcakes on it now? (no, we don't have any) why? (because I haven't baked any lately) cupcakes are for birthday parties? (yes, usually) will there be cupcakes at her birthday party? (yes, if that's what you want) where are the cupcakes for her birthday party? (they aren't made. we will order them from the store.) why? (because I don't want to bake that many cupcakes) what store? (grocery store) why? (because their cupcakes are yummy) what color will they be? (they can be whatever color you would like) why? (because it's your birthday so you get to choose) who will eat them? (the friends that come to your birthday party) will mama and daddy eat one? (yes.) will Piper eat one? (no, dogs don't eat cupcakes) why? (dogs eat food that is made for dogs, and cupcakes are made for people) why? (because dogs are different than people) why? (because dogs are animals and people are human) the pet store has cupcakes? (yes, you're right - the pet store where we buy Piper's food sells cupcakes specially made for dogs. But the cupcakes for your party will be made for people, not dogs.) Piper's cupcakes go on this? *holds up cupcake tower* (Sure) Daddy go on airplane today? (Yes. I'm going to get dressed now.)  

11:10a - We are finally ready to leave the house. Get a treat for Piper and put her in her crate. Come back in to kitchen to grab our bags and herd MC to garage, only to discover that she has dumped out an entire bag of junk toddler treasures on the kitchen floor in the 30 seconds I was out of the room. Decide clean-up will wait until later.

11:20a - Everybody buckled in and driving to library. She talks non-stop on the entire 15 minute drive, including asking questions about a play date with a friend that happened two weeks ago.

11:35a - Arrive at library. Return books, pick out new ones, read, color at kids' table, look at dwarf African frogs in tank on Children's Librarian's desk. Answer several questions about frogs - luckily Children's Librarian jumps in and helps when I quickly get stumped. Realize I don't know much about African Dwarf frogs. Check out books and then head outside to walk around the raised flower beds and play in the water fountain. We have a "Two Feet on the Ground" policy with this water fountain, so she's yet to go in head first, but she still manages to get her t-shirt pretty wet.

12:45p - Finished at library, get in car to head home. Talk about what's for lunch. MC requests to eat outside on the deck, since it's "such a pitty day ow-side." Answer questions about getting our hair cut last Friday. Answer more questions about BD's work trip. MC complains about wet t-shirt.

1:00p -  Eat lunch on the deck and play with Piper. Today she wanted turkey deli meat, colby jack cheese, and blueberries.

1:30p - Head inside for nap time. Brush teeth, change diaper, minor fit because I won't let her nap in her Daniel Tiger shirt - it is still wet from the water fountain at the library, choose book to read. Read, rock, sing.  She requests to "let's talk" instead of me singing so I recap our day so far.

1:45p - Close the door to her room and head downstairs. Put up "do not disturb" sign on front door since I am expecting a UPS package - don't want him to ring doorbell. Switch out laundry, clean up some of the toddler tornado mess, make myself some lunch, and grab my book. Enjoy the sound of silence for a few minutes.

2:15p - Fold clean laundry and start more in the washer. Wash up pot from cooking MC's breakfast. Do a million tiny chores - wind clock in dining room, refill extra toilet paper in bathrooms, water plants, let Piper out to chase a squirrel, etc.  

2:45p - Hear MC cry out over monitor, very unusual - she is normally a solid 2 hour napper. Thankfully she settles down again quickly. Finish putting away clean laundry.

3:00p - Type up more notes for this post. Sign up for a new yoga class series. I don't have any supper prep work to do (not cooking since BD won't be here), so I have a little extra free time today! Check in on the world - email, FB, news, blogs. Text with a mommy friend who's on vacation this week. Think my own uninterrupted thoughts. Reread an excerpt from a blog post I read recently that really spoke to me:

Busy mama who works all day and feels like you have nothing to show for it, don't compare your season of spring with another mom's season of harvest. 
Run your own race...this minute, this second. Be you unapologetically. Only do what's yours to do right now, and watch how your family, yourself, and even the world is changed because of it.
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you
something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

3:30p - Hear MC begin to stir over monitor. She is never in a hurry to get up from her nap, so I run out to check the mail before going to get her.

3:45p - Tell Piper that it's time to wake up MC - she knows exactly what that means and races up the stairs to wait outside MC's room. The first words out of MC's mouth when I walk in the room are "Mama, can you take your pony down?" She is obsessed with my hair being down; this has been going on for months. MC and I laugh as Piper rolls around on the floor and plays with her toy that she left in MC's room earlier today. MC is eventually ready to get out of bed, wants to read some books, and then we play with her dolls and in her playroom.

4:30p - Remind MC that we have to take something to Daddy at his office so she needs to get dressed. She refuses to take off her pajamas that she napped in, but after some negotiation agrees to wear her t-shirt over her pajama top and put on her regular pants. 

4:45p -  Put Piper back in her crate. Load up MC and Rosie the doll (including Rosie's bottle and paci) and head for BD's office.

5:05p - Deliver item to BD, chat with him a few minutes. Tell MC we can go to playground before we go home.

5:15p - Arrive at playground. We haven't been to this playground in a while and she is very excited. Swing, slide, see-saw, lots of running around. Several kids there are speaking another language - answer lots of questions about that.

6:00p - Despite lots of advance notice, there is still a lot of drama and stalling when it is time to leave the playground. We do okay until we're on the sidewalk walking to the car, when she throws down Rosie again after I've asked her twice not to throw the doll. I take the doll away, full-on meltdown - complete with screaming and tears. Deep breath, close eyes. Crouch down, speak kindly. After a few minutes the situation improves and we successfully get in the car to head home.

6:35p - I didn't anticipate all of the commuter traffic so it takes us longer than expected to get home. Let Piper out of crate and outside. MC rejects all of my supper suggestions after I tell her it's too late to start making mac & cheese. Finally she agrees to a pancake topped with peanut butter and apple. Fix MC's supper and get her settled at the kitchen table. Let Piper back in and put food in her bowl. Realize I haven't had enough water today, so get myself a glass and sit down. MC too busy complaining/whining about everything and anything to eat, so I offer for her to watch an episode of Super Why! This is an unusual offer, but my patience is running low, and she takes me up on it. The distraction works and she happily eats her entire supper.

7:00p - Supper is over, and we decide to go outside and play with Piper. Discover that Piper has killed a mole (2nd time this week) so we dispose of its body in the woods. Throw, kick, and roll the ball with MC, then "explore" in our backyard. Throw the ball a million times for Piper.

7:30p - Time to head inside to start getting ready for bed. MC is upset because Piper does not want to come inside with us, but she is surprisingly cooperative about coming inside and going upstairs. And then the cooperativeness comes to an abrupt halt. Struggle through brushing teeth, washing face and hands, putting on pj's - with the repeated incentive of new library books to read before bed. Realize that some of the problem is about Piper is not being inside. Go downstairs and coax Piper in (she's busy watching for deer) and bring her upstairs to MC's room. Read books, rock, sing, down in bed for night-night.

8:15p - Close the door to her room and head downstairs. Turn on oven to preheat so I can warm something from the freezer for my dinner. Clean up her dinner mess, load dishwasher, try to get everything done so that I can just relax and eat and be done for the day. Change clothes, wash face. Piper takes every step I take - I guess she's confused about BD not being here. Type up notes for this post, upload pics - realize I have a ton of pictures I need to post separately. Text with a friend.

8:50p - My food is ready. Park myself on the couch to eat and watch TV. BD calls - he's at the airport eating dinner before he catches a cab to his hotel.

10:15p - Hear from BD - he is at his hotel and in for the night. Talk to him a few mins, tell him good night.

10:30p - Check on MC. She is sleeping peacefully. Double-check doors are locked, turn off outside lights. Brush my teeth, take vitamins. Realize I don't need to set out workout clothes - I can't run in the morning since BD is not here. This will be the first weekday run I've missed in a long time! Get in bed to read.

11:15p - Turn on Friends DVD, set sleep timer on TV. Lights out.

11:45p - Hear MC cry out for me over monitor. This is totally out of character for her. Go up to check on her and discover she has lost her paci. Find paci buried under another stuffed animal. She asks to rock and sing again, so we sit in the chair and sing a few songs. Back down in bed for night-night again.

12:00a - Back in my own bed. Lights out again.


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