Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Indoor Activities

In between playing in all the snow during the last few weeks of winter, we needed some indoor activities to keep us occupied in the house.

Some plastic mixing bowls, water, ice cubes, and a few measuring cups and wooden spoons is always a good way to fill that after nap/before supper time slot!

Pouring the water back and forth to all the bowls is so fun! Bonus points to this activity for keeping her entertained in the kitchen with me so I can cook supper with relatively few interruptions!

Happy girl!

We decided on a rainbow themed project to work on for St. Patrick's Day. I drew a rainbow on clear contact paper and taped it up sticky side out.

I cut up construction paper for her to match to the rainbow lines, and we used cotton balls for the clouds on the ends.

Here was the progress after her first session. We left it up, and she's worked on it intermittently over the last few weeks. It has also been a big hit with her friends when they've been here for play dates.

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