Friday, March 27, 2015

To My Beloved Child

I promise to love you courageously for the rest of forever. I will guide you with wisdom and grace. Come with me, my little one, and we will learn and grow together.

I will honor your childhood and your dignity. I will always see the light in you, and I will reflect that light back to help you find your way. You are safe here, my love. Rest. You are free to be you, wholly and completely, and know that you are wholly and completely loved for who you are.

Your smile lights up my world.
Your laugh makes my heart sing.
Your wonder helps me to see.
Your joy lifts my spirit.

You are teaching me so much about life. I am grateful for you. I will always be your encourager. If you need reminded of your goodness, strength, courage, or resilience, call on me. I am here.

I hope you know what a miracle you are.

You are unique, one-of-a-kind, my blessing.

May you live with peace, compassion, joy, and love
as a result of the peace, compassion, joy, and love that you have experienced here.

© Rebecca Eanes 2015

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