Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Here are some recent pictures of our girl. These are from Feb - early March 2015.

Muddy from splashing in backyard puddles!

MC received a Louisiana care package from her grandparents, so we all took the opportunity to dress-up in Mardi Gras attire.

Wearing her "silly hat" that was handmade by her aunt.

During a quick trip to Louisiana, MC had her first taste of Johnny's pizza. We were worried that she wouldn't come back home to North Carolina with us after she'd had that deliciousness!

First swim lesson!

Snow day selfie.

BD and MC were rough-housing in the den, and she requested to climb on his shoulders "like a cheerleader." (The next time she tried this stunt, she slipped and bashed her nose on the back of BD's head. Blood was everywhere. We thought she had broken her nose, but after 20 minutes of ice and cuddling with Mama, she was asking to "climb on Daddy" again. That's our tough girl!)

First picnic of the season! It was sunny and warm, but the ground was still too wet so we had to picnic on the driveway. I also discovered she's outgrown all of her sunhats, so this is one of mine cinched down on her head.

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