Friday, March 20, 2015

Conversations at 2.75

MC and I are sharing a snack, as we pass the bowl back and forth to each other...

MC: You doin' a great job sharin', Mama.


MC: I love you.
LA: I love you too, MC.
MC: I not talkin' to you, Mama. I talkin' to my water bottle.


MC: What you gonna do while I take my nap?
LA: I don't know. I might take a nap, too.
MC: No, you should do dishes.


BD hands MC a baby doll to hold while I rock her before bed one night...

MC: No, not Charlotte. She got boogies.
BD: Charlotte has boogies?
MC: Yep, I wipe 'em on her.


We are always reinforcing Piper's training and encouraging MC to participate with us.I think she might be learning the commands a little too well...

LA: Let's walk down and check the mail.
MC: I wanna do it all by myself! *starts walking down driveway*
LA: MC, the mail box is at the street, so I need to go with you. *starts walking down driveway*
MC: *turns around, holds palm up facing me* Stay, Mama. Stay. Good girl.


(This one isn't exactly a conversation, but I want it recorded, so I won't forget it!)

At night when I rock her before bed, I sing 3 or 4 songs out of a selection of about 10 that I know. I just sang whichever song I felt like singing until about six months ago, when she started requesting specific songs for me to sing. In the last month, she not only requests the songs, but now she usually sings along with me. She knows every word to every song. She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard; I could rock her and listen to her sing all night.


Looking at old pictures on my phone...

MC: Ohhhhhhh. Baby MC was so, so cute!


I love to listen to her toddler-ese. Right now, almost every question begins with "do you..." even if it makes no sense.

Do you windy outside? (Is it windy outside?)
Do you at Target? (Are we at Target?)
Do you Daddy coming home? (When is Daddy coming home?)

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