Friday, February 6, 2015

Piper - Settling In

Piper's been home and healthy for about 6 weeks now, and she's fitting in quite nicely around here. She was officially cleared from her Parvo virus during the first week in January.

She's finding a few favorite spots around the house and getting comfortable.

She started puppy school a couple of weeks ago. We take her once a week for a couple hours; it's a 6 week course with a certified dog trainer. 

So far she's learned focus, sit, down, and puppy push-ups. I am very much looking forward to the loose-leash walking training because trying to walk her on a leash is a little like trying to walk while tied behind a pick-up truck going 30mph. She is deceptively strong for her small size.

She is full of puppy energy but still remains relatively gentle and is very patient with MC's attempts to give her hugs and/or pick her up. We've had a few growing pains as we adjust from years with an older dog to months with no dog to now having a puppy and a toddler in the same house, but overall we are really glad to have her here with us.

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