Monday, February 9, 2015

Conversations at 2.5

MC, watching me put on makeup: I try-on your makeup?
LA: No, not today. We have to leave in just a few minutes for music class.
MC: Daddy wear your makeup?
LA: No, Daddy doesn't wear makeup.
MC: Why Daddy not wear makeup?
LA: Well, Daddy chooses not to wear makeup.
MC: Oh, Daddy like him face plain.


MC and BD are playing salon - she has a big tupperware bowl that she's using to "wash" his hair. I come in the room, so I'm the next client in her salon. I lie down and put my head in the bowl.

MC: Oh my gosh! You have a lot of hair!


The moment I realize I may have taken the monogramming habit a little too far:

MC, looking down at her shirt: Oh no!! There's no M on here!


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