Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing Piper

Our family is 4 paws! We welcomed home Piper from Saving Grace dog rescue last week.

She is a 9 month old Border Collie mix, and we are all smitten with her already! She currently weighs around 30 pounds and is expected to get to about 45 when full grown.

We took her to the Chapel Hill Christmas parade on Saturday, where she met some of our friends and seemed unphased by all of the activity and loud noises.

She is definitely a snuggler and has made herself right at home in our house. Unfortunately, after she'd been home about 24 hours, she started having some GI distress. We weren't sure if it was caused by stress from all the changes in her life or if something was really wrong with her.

On Monday we took her in to our vet, and she was diagnosed with Parvo. At her age, she should have been fully vaccinated against Parvo, but because she is a rescue we assume she has not had proper veterinary care until now.

The vet did not paint a very rosy picture of the situation for us. Parvo is very serious and can have low survival rates. We chose to have her treated inpatient at our vet's office and hoped for the best. 

Luckily, our sweet girl is a fighter! The very next morning after we left her at the vet's, their update to us was that she was tolerating the treatments and they were "cautiously optimistic" about her recovery. By the following morning, she was feeling good enough to start some puppy antics: she had chewed through her IV line overnight. After four days at the vet hospital, she was released to come home to us!

She is still not 100% but is clearly feeling much, much better than a few days ago. All signs are pointing to a full recovery for our Piper, and we are so glad that she's a part of our family!

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