Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walt Disney World 2014 (Part 2)

We spent one day at the Animal Kingdom. There were lots of interesting animals to look at throughout the park.

On the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, we spent some time watching and learning about the 4 male Silverback gorillas that live in the enclosure. MC was really interested in them stripping leaves off of branches to eat.

On the Kilimanjaro Safari we saw lots of African animals in their "natural" habitat. Our favorite was this lazy lion - can you see him sleeping on top of the rock? MC said, "Wake up, lion!" as we rode past him.

BD and I took turns riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster - highly recommended for any fellow coaster enthusiasts!

We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort near the Downtown Disney area of WDW. The resort had tons of family friendly activities throughout the day. One evening after spending the afternoon at the pool, we went over to the main building where they were set up for roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

MC wasn't quite sure what to think at on a stick and then you purposely burn it in a fire?

But she got on-board with the idea pretty quickly, once we convinced her to give it a try!

Another day at Magic Kingdom - we took advantage of the overcast sky to get an "official" castle picture...featuring the Serious Toddler Face.

Riding the Magic Teacups - another one that we rode multiple times.

BD had to keep his hand on the wheel or she would get us spinning really fast!

We took one day off from the parks and spent some time exploring Downtown Disney. And found another carousel, of course!

Ice cream brownie sundae at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop - the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon at WDW!

One final family shot on our last day at Magic Kingdom. WDW 2014 is a wrap! We had such a fantastic time on our first family WDW trip!

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