Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Here are some recent pics of our girl from July 2014.

A Lego creation by MC.

Daddy/daughter selfie.

A Chick-Fil-A breakfast treat...fruit cup and a biscuit. Over the summer we did a Mommy and Me yoga class at our local mall here in Chapel Hill. After the first class we walked down to CFA for breakfast as a treat; it was the first time she'd had it. The next week as we were leaving the mall after class, she kept repeating something but I couldn't decipher what she was saying. We were almost to the car when I realized she was saying "Fil-A! Fil-A!" So of course we went back in and got that sweet girl some Fil-A! And that started our weekly ritual after class for the rest of the summer yoga class sessions.

Diaper dancing with her July 4th beads -- one of the privileges of toddlerhood.

Helping me look through wallpaper sample books. (And no, we didn't go for the Disney princess wallpaper!)

Snack time at the pool! Look at all those choices - pretzel sticks, animal crackers, cheese bunny crackers, and almonds...quite the buffet!

Standing in the windowsill watching the summer rain storm.

Bath time bubble beard!

Tar Heel born; Tar Heel bred...drinking from the fountain at the Old Well on the UNC campus.

Sidewalk chalk and a popsicle - that's what summer time is made of!

One weekend we went out to a local dairy farm to sample some of their ice cream and see the cows.

Little redneck-in-training...sitting on the tailgate of her truck!

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