Thursday, August 14, 2014

MC's Kitchen

We gave MC a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday. After looking at approximately 700 options online, we chose this one made by Kidcraft. We decided on it because it was wooden and had all of the major kitchen appliances - fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. And bonus points because it is somewhat realistic looking and resembles our real-life kitchen!

Like all good kids' toys, it came in a box and had to be assembled. But overall, it was a relatively easy assembly - the directions were easy to follow, all the parts were included, and everything lined up and fit together properly. I think it took us around 3 hours to complete it.

We also gave her a set of pots and pans, a starter set of pretend wooden food, and my sister sent a set of felt food that my nephews have outgrown. 

She absolutely loves it, and we have spent a lot of time cooking in her kitchen. Her imaginative play is really starting to develop at this age, so it has been very fun to watch and interact with her as she plays in her kitchen.

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