Monday, August 18, 2014

Bounce House

Earlier this summer we had the chance to buy this little mini-bounce house from a friend of our next door neighbors.

Their kids have outgrown it, and they were tired of storing it, so we got it for a steal. MC had played on it at our neighbor's birthday party and loved it, so we knew it would be fun to have for her and her friends.

It's a bounce house with a slide and a ball pit off to one side. Altogether it's probably 12'x12'. It has its own air compressor and blows up in about 30 seconds.

We've already been having tons of fun with it! It burns off all that excess toddler energy and makes for long naps and easy bedtimes!


sil said...

looks like she's having so much fun! what brand is the bounce house?

LA and BD said...

Thanks, sil! She LOVES it!

It's called KidWise Little Star Bouncer. It was originally purchased at Wal Mart.