Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At the Playground

We took advantage of the early fall-feeling weather last weekend and took MC to one of our favorite local playgrounds. This was one of our favorites for MC last year before she was steady on her feet, but we hadn't visited it in a while. 

The main play structure is nice and low - good toddler climbing height, and the surface under the play areas is squares that of that spongey material that indoor tracks are made of. The whole playground has lots of nice, big trees to provide some shade.

Wheeeee on the slide! This slide is just the right speed for our cautious girl.

Rocking on the blue whale. (And yes, she has a serious case of the Crazy Hair these days!)

Playing peek-a-boo with Daddy in the fish eye bubble.

Daddy is so fun!

We played with an older friend recently and he taught her how to swing on her belly. Luckily these swings are very low to the ground because she doesn't quite get how to balance like that just yet!

Very serious about this swinging business...

There's a (blurry) smile!

Deep toddler thoughts on the swing...

This playground also has a set of outdoor musical instruments - bells, bongo drums, etc. - perfect for banging with a stick!

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