Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tales of the Tail: Kip, 2001-2014

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Kip yesterday, after a sudden illness over the past week. He was our constant companion for 13 years, and we loved him deeply. We are not quite sure what life looks like without him. He has left a huge Kip-shaped hole in our hearts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two Years Old!

Our sweet girl turned two years old earlier this month! Since this blog doubles as her baby book, I wanted to document some things that I want to remember about her at this age:

  • She refers to herself in the 3rd person as "MayMay" - which is her version of her name. She has essentially given herself a nickname because almost everyone now refers to her as MayMay.

  • Favorites
    • Songs: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes". She requests these almost every night when I'm rocking her.
    • TV: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Yo! Gabba Gabba
    • Music: anything by Laurie Berkner

  • She tells Kip "No no, bad dog!" anytime he walks near her when she has food.

  • She loves books, baby dolls, and playing outside (especially swinging).
  • She is loving the swimming pool this summer. Last weekend we took her down the big twisty water slide at the pool, and she loved it. She'll stand on the edge of the pool and jump to me. She counts "free, two, freeee!" before she jumps.

  • Her expressive language has exploded in the last 6 weeks. She's consistently saying 2-3 word combinations and beginning to say 3-4 word full sentences. The first sentence I can remember her saying is "MayMay eat more nee-noo (noodles)."

  • She can recognize and name colors and is beginning to recognize a few letters. (Finally, a benefit to having a Mama that monograms everything - she can recognize the letters M, C, and A!!)
  • She recognizes most animals and can imitate their sounds.

  • She always wants to know people's names - mostly her friends and their parents - and then calls them by name.

  • She loves to help around the house. Some of her favorite activities are feeding Kip, gathering up laundry to put in the basket, and unloading the dishwasher.
  • She is wearing 18m clothes and size 5 shoes. I think she's around 22lbs and 31". I'll update with official numbers after her 2 year Dr's appointment. Update 6.27.2014 - She is 22.5lbs and 31.75" tall. The growth chart predictor thing has her adult height at 5'1".

Monday, June 16, 2014

MC's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated MC's second birthday at home with friends and family on the weekend before her birthday. Since she has a June birthday, I wanted to do a summer theme, so we decided to have an ice cream party.

So, naturally, the first thing I did was find a cute outfit for MC to wear! (Yep. Those are smocked ice cream cones. I know you're not really surprised, right?!)

We started with a simple ice cream themed invitation:

And then we started figuring out how we were going to make it happen. Even though I'm an introvert by nature, I actually love to plan and host parties. The hosting part is exhausting, but in the end I'm always glad we did it. BD and I make a pretty good party planning team. I like to come up with the theme and decoration ideas, and he is excellent at logistics, and usually even has some good, creative ideas up his sleeve.

I did not want to go Pinterest-budget-busting-overload on this was, after all, a party for a 2 year old, but I did want our house to look fun and festive for the occasion. So I put on my best "use what I've already got around the house" hat, and got to work. Luckily, I am a pack rat when it comes to arts and crafts supplies, so I had quite a stash to work with!

First, I used some pink tissue pom poms to make ice cream cone garlands. One hung in the breakfast area, where we had the ice cream sundae bar set up, and one hung on the fireplace in the den.

Then I decided we needed something special on the front door, so I made a giant 3-D ice cream cone decoration.

Next I wanted to do a photo project with some photos of MC. I just covered an old bulletin board with craft paper for this, and free-handed the art and lettering.

In the dining room we had a few toddler-friendly, non-ice cream snacks. I used artificial flowers for the centerpieces and two additional pom pom ice cream cone decorations. BD made the paper chains for the chandelier - his first time ever making them! I told him that being a girl-dad was going to build up his arts and crafts muscles!

In the foyer we hung some polka-dot balloons on the banister, so it looked festive when people first walked in the front door.

The ice cream sundae bar was set up in the kitchen. We had three flavors of Blue Bell ice cream and a variety of toppings.

We made the first sundae for MC, and everyone gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to her. She wasn't quite sure of what to think about everyone staring at her, but she dug right into the ice cream! (It never dawned on me that I was supposed to put TWO candles in her sundae!!)

Luckily we had good weather during the party, so we had a few toys out in the backyard for the toddlers to play on. After you load them up with ice cream, they really need somewhere to run off the sugar!

It was a great little party - the perfect way to celebrate our sweet girl turning 2! Everyone seemed to have a good time at the party, and MC loved having all of her little friends over to play.

On her actual birthday, we went to gymnastics (her last Tumble Babies class!),

had cupcakes after nap time,

and opened a few presents!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, MC

Two years ago today the sweetest little baby girl arrived and filled our lives with more joy than we could have ever expected. This has been such a fun year, watching her grow from an infant into a walking, talking toddler, and we have loved every minute of it. We are so proud to call her our daughter. 

{click through for video if you're in a reader}