Monday, May 5, 2014


Here are some recent pics of our girl; these are from April and early May 2014. MC is 22 months old in most of these pictures.

Our first lunch on the deck of this season! She's also learning to smile on command for the camera, and that tends to produce this hilarious result...

Check out her reflection from the car seat mirror...I guess she doesn't appreciate my taste in music.

Trying on some new jammies for the summer; soon it's going to get too warm for her zip-up footie jammies! And another "smile" for the camera!

Taste testing the chocolate bunny out of her Easter basket. She approved!

Trying on a new swimsuit (over her clothes) that the Easter bunny brought to her.

Last week was gold medal week at gymnastics class, so she came home with some new bling. She and her little friend (cropped out because I don't put pics of other people's kids on the internet) were both so proud of their medals!

Playing with her sand and water table out on the deck. You can tell it's brand new in this pic because both sides are still separate. After 2 minutes of playing with it, she immediately started shoveling sand into the water side and vice versa. She loves it, and it keeps her entertained for 20+ minutes, which is practically a lifetime for a toddler!

We made homemade play dough (and dyed it Carolina blue, obv).

Helping water the plants on the back deck.

One of the local nurseries has farm animals on site - ducks, goats, fish, chickens, etc. We were there to buy some Creeping Jenny plants for the pots on our front porch, but we spent some time visiting the animals and exploring before we shopped.

The geese and ducks share the same pond, but apparently the geese are territorial. Every time we walked up to the fence, the ducks would come happily swimming over (I assume they're used to being fed by people), and the geese on the pond bank would honk and puff up all their feathers to scare away the ducks. MC would laugh and clap and say "Yaaay!" every time the ducks honked.

Every time before she crossed this little bridge, she would turn to me and say "ight back...inna minna!" (translation: I'll be right back. See you in a minute.) I never realize the phrases I repeat to her over and over until she starts saying them back to me!

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