Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tumble Babies

MC has been participating in a toddler gymnastics class once a week since September 2013. The class is for the new walkers - 2 years old, so she'll be in this class through June. I have been impressed with how much "real" gymnastics they do - rings, balance beam, bars, trampoline - and also lots of fun songs and games. It's a parent-and-tot class, so I haven't been able to get a lot of action shots since I'm busy helping her, but here are a few pictures from last week.

hanging from the rings

She loves gymnastics and talks about the class and her instructor all week. We can tell how much stronger she has gotten from all the activities she's done in class. She's also become much braver over time with each activity, which has been really fun to watch.

 crawling through the tunnel between the balance beams

As you can imagine with the age of the class members, the time is flexibly structured. The instructor leads them through different activities she has set up for them, but there is lots of free-play time as well. In addition to the planned activities, MC particularly likes the wide window sills that look over into the parking lot. (The gymnastics studio has glass walls on 3 sides, which made getting these pictures properly exposed very challenging!) She climbs up on them in between activities or when she's lost interest in the current activity.

And perhaps her favorite part of the entire experience -- the water fountain!! It might be a tie between the water fountain and the hand stamp she gets at the end of each class.

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