Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Here are some recent pics of our girl; these are from mid-February through early March 2014. MC is 20 months old in these pics.

Enjoying the queso dip at our favorite Mexican restaurant. She also loves the mariachi singer at this place.

To get to our Kindermusik class we walk on the sidewalk past a house with these bunnies in the flower bed. She's always very interested in them, so one day when the weather was nice we stopped to explore them. I thought they were concrete but when she picked up one of the baby bunnies and tossed it, I discovered they are just plastic that looks like concrete. Durable plastic, thank goodness!


We got her a new little cloth doll for Valentine's Day. This is the best picture I was able to get of her and the doll. She is mostly too busy to sit still for pictures these days.


She loves to empty the contents of my purse/diaper bag any chance she gets.

I toasted some pecans for a dessert but accidentally got them too toasted (I wonder what could have possibly distracted me??!). I was headed to the trash with them, but she intervened and wanted to play with them first. It's always interesting what will hold her attention. I have to stop and remind myself that she's never seen toasted pecans, so they are fascinating to her. Every moment she's learning something.  

Her first taste of King Cake! Mardi Gras 2014. Thank you to Whole Foods for a decent pre-made cake.

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sil said...

so cute! i wish i had been able to have some king cake for mardi gras, but was too scared to try the whole foods version! love mc's bows!