Friday, March 21, 2014

MC's First Haircut

MC's 'do was starting to look scraggly and unkempt, so this week she got her first haircut! She's had that little mullet since she was born, and it's just gotten longer and longer as her hair started really growing last fall. The top and sides are slowly starting to fill in - hopefully they will eventually even out!

Here's what we started with...a little wavy, blonde baby toddler mullet:

I contemplated taking MC to one of those little kiddie salons, but we ended up taking her to the hairstylist that does BD's and my hair. I know her; I trust her; plus she has a toddler herself, so she's perfectly comfortable with little kids.

All day we talked it up about how after nap time she was going to sit in Mama's lap and let Mrs. Kristie cut her hair, and she was very excited about it. However, she took an abbreviated nap and woke up crabby, so I had low expectations of how well it was going to go. But she ate a good snack and then BD met us at the salon, so the combination of those two seemed to perk her up a bit. Kristie asked me what I wanted done, and I requested a "more bob, less mullet" look. She did great for the 10 minutes it took for Kristie to snip around the back and sides. 

And here's our girl with a fresh, new haircut:

Still a little scraggy...we'll blame that on the waves...but overall, looking much tamer and less mullet-y! She looks like she has more hair now, after cutting a few inches off the back.

Another milestone for the baby book blog!

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