Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life With A {Somewhat} Verbal Toddler, Vol. 3

A recent conversation:

Me: I'm really tired of being bossed by a toddler, MC.

MC: No NO!

Me: I'm so glad we had this talk. Thanks for listening to Mama.

MC: Nooooo!

And here are a few MC-isms that I want to record for posterity:

*I often call her by a shortened version of her full name, and she has started referring to herself as "May-may" which I think is her version of the shortened version.

*When I ask her to find something and she's not sure where it is she says, "Hmmm..." and looks around the room.

*When I ask her "Where's Daddy?" she responds "wuk" (work). When I ask her "Where do we take Kip?" she responds "wak" (walk).

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Nikki said...

I love seeing pics and reading what y'all are up to. She really is growing. Good job on the big girl hair cut. :)