Friday, January 31, 2014

MC's First Snow Day

We got about 2" of snow overnight earlier this week. It was the first amount of measurable snowfall we've had since MC's birth. She's at a great age to experience snow for the first time - full of excitement and curiosity!

The snow starting falling before she went to bed, so BD took her outside to show her how to catch snowflakes on her arm. She LOVED it and will still show you how to catch snow (jabs her arm straight out with palm facing up) if you ask her.

I had to include these two funny ones of Kip bracing for impact of a toddler petting attempt.

When we first took her out in the snow the next day, she was a little unsure of how to move around in it. She didn't really like it accumulating on the toes of her shoes as she walked and would lean down and brush it off every few steps. She eventually got used to it and had fun running around and playing in it.

 January 29, 2014

We don't have a sled, but a large bouncy ball provided plenty of entertainment.

She investigated the strange white stuff thoroughly - we sniffed the snow; we tasted the snow; we threw the snow; we stomped the snow...every action verb she could think of!

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sil said...

how fun! we got a lot of snow in the dc area, but i wasn't able to take my little one out in it.