Monday, January 27, 2014

Life With A {Somewhat} Verbal Toddler, Vol 1

LA: MC, what do you want for breakfast?

MC: *makes sign for 'eat'*

LA: Would you like oatmeal?

MC: Nooooo.

LA: Would you like cereal?

MC: Nooooo.

LA: Would you like eggs?

MC: Noooo.

LA: Can you show me what you want?

MC: *points to pantry*

LA: *opens pantry*

MC: *points to cereal*

LA: You want cereal for breakfast?

MC: Yahhhh.

LA: *gets out dry cereal, puts it on tray, peels banana, puts it on tray*

**30 seconds later**

MC: ah-mee? {translation: oatmeal?}

LA: You would rather have oatmeal?

MC: Yahhhhh.

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