Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap

We had a low-key Christmas and New Year's this year. BD had two full weeks off work, and we didn't travel or have any visitors, so it was a nice break for us to just hang out and spend time together.

Family Selfie, Christmas Day 2013

MC had received lots of presents via Santa's helpers, UPS and USPS, so we started a few days before Christmas opening gifts. We didn't want her to be overwhelmed on Christmas Day with too many presents.

We FaceTimed with the gift givers so they could watch her opening the gifts, which was really fun. She's starting to realize that those are actual people on the screen so she can talk and interact with them.

We didn't anticipate the fact that as soon as she tore off the wrapping paper she'd want to play with everything right! this! very! minute! I don't know how familiar you are with toddler toys, but they are usually marked with the vague "some assembly required" on the outside of the box. Word to the wise: that actually means there are 27 parts and pieces, all individually zip-tied or taped (or both!) to the interior of the box, that have to be connected with 138 tiny screws, all before any playing can occur. Rookie mistake.

Santa Claus came on Christmas Eve and delivered a few gifts under the tree and of course filled her stocking. Notice that Santa's elves wised up and removed boxes/assembled toys beforehand.

Kip was very impressed with Santa's efforts.

BD had the good idea to wrap up the gifts after we'd unboxed them because she was so interested in the wrapping paper on her other gifts. This is the scene that greeted her on Christmas morning.

We videoed most of the present opening, but I did get a few still-shots of her digging through her stocking. In her stocking she got several small things: bath toys, books, etc.

The rest of the day we spent playing with her new toys and eating some good food that BD had prepared.