Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had two sets of grandparents visit back-to-back during the Thanksgiving week. Since we actually had visitors, we did a traditional meal - turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, etc. (If we're alone on Thanksgiving we usually do Mexican food or something else non-Thanksgiving-y.)  AND we even ate in the dining room - for a total of two meals in that room in 2+ years of living in this house! The food was really good (BD made most of it, obv), and we had just enough for next-day leftovers, which is just the right amount in my book!

MC donned her cute little turkey dress for the meal. I ordered this dress a little big, so I'm hoping we get two years' worth of Thanksgivings out of it. Check back here this time next year to see if it was a successful gamble, ha ha! 

Don't be fooled by the apparent interest in the food in this picture. I'm pretty sure all she actually ingested was the marshmallows from the top of the sweet potato casserole and a roll! I can never predict whether she will be interested in new foods or not - sometimes she gobbles up new food and other times she won't touch it. Thanksgiving was mostly a "won't touch it" day.

However, she was interested in the utensils! She loves using utensils lately, even with food that doesn't need one. Most of the food ends up back on the tray before it makes it to her mouth, but she is so proud of herself regardless!

And now a few extra photos...we'll just call this pulling back the curtain on the reality of photographing a toddler. I did get the good photo at the top of this post, but I got a lot more that looked liked this:

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