Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posting lately! We are transitioning to one nap around here, so I'm having to learn how to get things done with fewer toddler-free hours in my day. And blogging falls to last place on the list behind watching TV, laundry, surfing the web, dishes, working out...you get the point.

Here are some recent pictures of our girl; these are from Nov 2013. MC is 16.5 - 17 months in these pics.

After watching BD do some sanding in one of our bathrooms during a recent cosmetic upgrade, MC decided our kitchen cabinets needed a little sanding as well. Monkey see; monkey do.

Bundled up for a chilly afternoon walk with Kip. This suit supports my theory that any baby clothing item can be made cuter if you put ears on it!

Ready to cheer on the Tar Heels to victory; unfortunately the Tar Heels lost to Belmont. And yes, taking a toddler to a basketball game was a much different experience from than taking an infant last year.

Little artist at work.

Playing outside on a chilly afternoon. Snack trap full of Cheerios is our constant companion these days!

Helping Daddy make chocolate pie.

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Nikki said...

My she is growing! I know Christmas will be really fun this year. Enjoy it. Time flies!