Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Favorite Toddler Things: 13-18 Months

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We've officially hit Toddler-hood, so I thought it would be a good time to do a new Favorite Things post. Plus, since it's close to Christmas, this may be helpful if you're looking to buy something for a young toddler in your life.

This table has been a big hit at our house. Like most FP toys, it has several different settings - music, learning, Spanish - so it offers lots of different options to keep it from being too repetitive. Each side has a different toy; it has a telephone, a laptop computer, a piano, and a book which all play different songs and information. Bonus points to this one for being crawl-under-able...always a winner with MC!

This walking toy is plastic and quite lightweight and therefore very easy to push and steer around obstacles. As you can see from the picture, it also has tons of buttons to push and other activities on the front.

We got this toy at a local consignment shop for like $5, so it was already a winner in my book! Ours came with two additional figurines than what is shown in this picture. This was our first foray into Little People land, and MC loves these little guys. They are easy to hold in her hands and are interchangeable with other LP toys. We do lots of putting people on the bus and taking people out of the bus with this toy. The bus also plays music and lights up, but no on/off switch and no volume control.


Around 15 months old, MC really started being interested in her books. She will bring a book and then sit in your lap so you can read to her. Sometimes it's still more flipping the pages and talking about the pictures than reading the actual story, but whatever keeps her interested in books is fine with me.

Lift-the-Flap books in general are a big hit; we have several of the Karen Katz books, and MC likes them all. The one pictured above is especially fun right now because MC is very interested in naming and pointing to body parts.

Of course we have several of the Boynton books, and they are all very cute. Our favorite one continues to be Pajama Time, which BD can recite from memory at this point.

This is another favorite book at our house right now, along with Farmyard Beat. Both are Boynton-esque in that rhyme-y/rhythmic/song-y way - so another fun option if your little one likes reading to a beat.

We have a couple of these picture books that get a lot of read-time as well. No story, just pictures with labels - MC loves to point to a picture and listen to me say the name and noise of an animal.

This is a baby-friendly photo album that we've stocked with grandparent pictures. Another one where she likes to point to a picture and have me name the person. Fun for her to make a connection to those that she doesn't see very often.

I'm pretty sure "snacks" will be added to MC's expressive language pretty soon. She loves these little cups and the flaps in the lid give her easy access to the snack but prevents them from making too big of a mess everywhere. The flaps do not do anything to prevent her from pulling out a handful of snacks and dropping them on the floor to her accomplice Kip, however.

This toddler-sized slide is perfect for indoor play. MC loves to climb all over it, and it's low enough to the ground that when she inevitably falls off, she doesn't get hurt. She also uses it as a ramp to roll other things across the room.

MC is learning to throw and catch and kick right now, so any kind of ball brings lots of fun. This set has several round balls but also several other fun shapes. We use these a lot on the elephant slide to see which shapes will roll easily and which ones don't roll very well. That is an Amazon link above, but I found our set at Costco for around $12.

We have a couple different sizes of these just standard rubber balls; I think I got them all at the grocery store. These are simple but lots of fun for indoor/outdoor play. When BD is home we'll get out a bed sheet and place all the various balls on them, then pop the sheet up and down to make the balls bounce up in the air - MC absolutely loves it.

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