Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Built-Ins - Before and After

Our house was built with the intention that the TV be hung above the fireplace in the den. However, the room is not really wide enough to comfortably watch TV at that angle. So instead, we've had our TV in the corner of the room for the last two years, which has created this awkward little setup:

We've been kicking around design ideas for that corner since we moved in the house and finally decided that a built-in unit was really the only solution.

Earlier in the fall we started meeting with custom cabinet builders to find one that could design, build, and install at a realistically affordable price. We found plenty of builders that could do the design, build, and install -- it seemed that the affordable part was where we kept running into problems!

Finally we were able to find someone and, after a 6 week design and build phase, our new cabinet was installed last week.

We are happy with the final product, although the process was not completed without a few hiccups along the way.  

Eventually we will install a wall-mount bracket for the TV, so it can swing out and swivel to give a better viewing angle for the other half of the room.

(under mount lights above the display shelf)

Overall, the cabinet gives the room a much more finished look, along with better storage for components, etc and also some display space for more photos of MC our knick-knacks.

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