Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eighteen Months Old!

Our sweet girl is 18 months old! She is the joy of our life, the apple of our eye.

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It's been a while since I last posted a monthly update and since that time we've moved fully into toddler-hood.
  • She's been walking since the beginning of August and is well on her way to running.
  • She likes to color and read and push anything with wheels (and some things without!). 
  • She likes to stack blocks and put things into/out of containers. 
  • She loves to be a helper - whether it's handing me dirty laundry to put in the washer or bringing BD his shoes. 
  • She knows what she wants (or doesn't want) and loves to express her opinions. 
  • She drops what she is doing and makes a bee-line for the door when she hears BD come home in the evenings. 
  • She surprises us every day by how much she understands of what we say and how much she is capable of doing.

Eighteen Month Info

Stats (Updated 12.16.2013)
I'll update height and weight after her well baby check-up next week. I think she's around 20 pounds and 28 inches.
Height: 29 1/2"
Weight: 19 lbs 15.5 oz
As her pediatrician said, "She's petite but perfect!"

She nurses twice a day - first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. I never really intended to be nursing a toddler (my goal was always 12 months), but it is still working for us. I know in the US breastfeeding a toddler is somewhat out of the norm, but it is quite common in most other parts of the world. The WHO actually recommends BFing until 2 years old. I don't really have a goal in mind anymore; we'll just stick with it until it's not the right fit for us anymore.

She eats 3 meals plus a snack or two of solid food a day - some of her favorites include whole wheat pasta noodles with marinara sauce, almost any kind of fruit, cottage cheese, waffles, cheese and bean quesadillas, dry cheerios, Annie's bunnies.

She is still a champion sleeper: 12+ hours per night, usually 7:30p - 7:30/8a. 

Over the last 6 weeks or so she has transitioned to one 3-3.5 hour nap a day. The transition to one nap was pretty rough. She got to where she just wasn't sleepy for that morning nap until around 10, which would push her afternoon nap really late, and then she wasn't ready for bed until late but would still wake at her usual time the next morning.

We had several weeks where she went back and forth between one nap or two, depending on the day. Then we had about two weeks of unpredictable, short one nap and a resulting early bedtime.

Currently she would really prefer to nap around 11a - 2:30p, but then she's ready for bed before 7pm which means BD gets to spend very little time with her in the evenings. So most days we try to push that nap until 12 or 12:30p with a wake up around 4p, and then it's much easier for her to make it until bedtime at 7:30p.

She's in 12 months clothes for the most part, with a few 12-18m in the brands that run a bit small. Size 3 in shoes, although I really should go have her measured again as I think she is starting to grow out of those.

She has a few words that are fully understandable - Mama, Dada, uh-oh - and lots of words that we can usually discern given a few context clues - "oooes" for shoes, "daw" for dog, "duh" for duck, etc. There are also some words that clearly mean something to her - she repeats the same sounds over and over - but are mainly still babble sounds at this point.

She's starting to mimic some animal sounds - "woof woof!" for dog is her current favorite.

She has lots of signs that she uses regularly - more, all done, eat, water, bath - and we've discovered that she learns the signs really, really quickly now. Previously we'd sign a word to her over days or weeks before she'd pick it up, but now after we've signed it just a few times, she starts using it herself. She learned the sign for bath after BD showed it to her once! 

She got her first tooth just after her first birthday and now has a mouthful - four on top and four on bottom plus all four one-year molars. I think she's also starting to get at least one incisor. I tried to feel this morning to see if one is pushing through the gum, and she bit the heck out of my finger, so I think I'll keep my fingers out of her mouth from now on!

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