Thursday, November 7, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; these are from late October and early November 2013. MC is 16 months old in these pics.

This is how we vacuum these days: MC in the carrier with a drink, snack, and/or paci, and wearing her noise-reducing headphones.

Last year we got some really cute Baby In A Pumpkin photos, so we thought we'd try again this year. She was very interested in the pumpkin while BD was carving it, but she was very not interested in the pumpkin once she was sitting in it. I think in this one she's saying "Where are my real parents and when are they coming to get me??".

A family photo on Halloween. BD and I are dressed as Parents of a Toddler. Notice how realistic our costumes are!

In case the face isn't clear enough, the shirt says it all.

She loves to play outside, so we spend a lot of time exploring the yard when the weather is nice.

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