Saturday, October 5, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; these are from mid-September 2013. MC is 15 months old in these pics.

Playing on the mats at her first day of gymnastics class.

Enjoying her first peanut butter sandwich. Although I just realized I didn't actually capture the sandwich in the picture, LOL! You can see the peanut butter residue on her hands, face, and hair. She loved it!

Exploring at a local park.

A very rare car seat nap.

Enjoying her first "french fries" - diced potatoes, oven roasted in olive oil and S&P...dipped in ketchup of course!

Funny story about the ketchup: I was planning to make some homemade ketchup instead of feeding her the bottled stuff...until I looked up ketchup recipes. First of all, the recipes had approximately one thousand ingredients, most of which was stuff I don't keep on hand at the house. And secondly, most of the reviews were along the lines of "this tastes nothing like Name Brand ketchup". (That being a positive attribute to the reviewer...but not was I was going for.) So we splurged on the organic bottled least it doesn't have any hfcs!

Practicing with her earphones, getting ready for basketball games at the very loud Dean Dome. Last year she was too young to pull them off, but this year she can definitely remove them herself, so we're trying to get her used to them. BD was vacuuming, so we had some loud noise to muffle for her. Love the matching expressions on their faces!

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