Thursday, October 24, 2013

North Carolina's Homecoming: NC State Fair 2013

We took MC to the NC State Fair earlier this week, and we all had a great time! The weather was perfect - around 65 and sunny - which meant everyone thought it was a great fair day; it was very crowded for a weekday afternoon! On the evening news we heard that almost 70k people attended the fair that day, and it definitely felt like that many people to us!

MC and I rode the carousel again this year. Last year we sat on one of the bench seats since she was so young, but this year she was old enough for a horse! I sat with her once the ride started moving (and yes, I was the only grownup actually riding instead of standing!). She wasn't quite sure what to think but seemed to have fun riding and looking around at everything.

We were also planning to take her on the super slide but even the kiddie one seemed pretty big and fast, so we decided to hold off on that idea until next year.

I was a little disappointed in the food this year. A lot of people talk about all the food at the fair, and I think I build it up in my mind like it's going to be this delicious culinary experience...but in the end, it's just a bunch of weird fried food and smoked meat, LOL! The main food section was so insanely crowded while we were there, that I skipped my traditional fried candy bar. I opted instead for some fresh chocolate chip cookies in the Village of Yesteryear.

MC loved looking at all the animals in the Ag section, but her favorite part was the flower and garden show. It was much less crowded and plenty of room to safely roam, so we let her out of the stroller to explore.

It was good practice for me with the camera. As she moved around, I had to quickly adjust the manual settings on my camera to accommodate for the changing light conditions. I definitely got some under and over-exposed shots but overall I am getting faster at determining the right settings for each situation.

We're calling this the start of a tradition since now we've taken her both years to the fair. Here is the 2012 fair post for comparison.

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