Monday, September 9, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; these are from late August/early September 2013. MC is 14 months old in these pics.

We've started doing family suppers a couple times per week. It is challenging because it means I have to juggle getting everything ready and keeping MC entertained before BD gets home. But I know it's important for us to do, so we're starting early to get in the habit. (On the nights we don't do family supper, BD and I eat together after MC is in bed.) 

Dressed for UNC game day - not diggin' the hair bow today.

Hair bow removed, peek-a-boo in the curtains cheers her right up!

Someone has figured out the secret to the snack trap! BD call this the raccoon trap because she sticks her hand in and gets a handful of snacks, then tries to pull her entire fist back out - which usually sends snacks flying everywhere!

Eating a piece of bread to tide her over until family supper time.


A local kids' arts and music class is having a promotion to locate their mascot, painted in various spots around town. Once you find the mascot, you send in the picture to be entered in a drawing for a free session of classes. Fingers crossed, we might win!

Look Ma, no headband! She finally has enough hair on top of her head to clip in a bow without having to use a head band. The bow is definitely still decoration, not functional! It will probably be a while before she has enough hair for the bow to actually hold back! 

A typical supper for MC: a muffin (ground beef, broccoli, and cheddar cheese), roasted carrots, green grapes, and a cup of 'leche' (whole cow's milk). She has a very specific connotation for 'milk' - to her it means to nurse from me, so our pediatrician recommended we call it something else to lessen the confusion.

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sil said...

love the pics! it's nice to see what you feed your baby as i'm looking for ideas on what to feed my 11 month old daughter. would love to see the recipe for the beef muffin on the blog!