Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; these are from late August 2013. MC is 14 months old in these pics.

Tea time! This is a little Fisher Price tea set that she loves - it also has a set of cups and a tray of petit fours, so cute. The tea pot plays all kinds of music and makes a bubbling sound when she tilts it to pour the tea into the cups. I thought she was too young for pretend play, but she totally gets it. She loves to "pour" the tea into the cups and then hand off the tea to drink. And then after we drink the tea, she wants the cup back so she can drink it, too. Little girls are so fun! 

Playing in her jumper chair - I thought we were ready to retire this toy to the storage room, but suddenly she's playing in it again.

Trying out a fresh cucumber slice. I normally don't let her walk around with food (choking hazard) but somehow she got away with it this time! Cucumbers are one of my very favorite, so I was curious to see if she'd like it. I've given her chopped up fresh cucumber before and she ate it, but sometimes when the same food is presented in a different form, she's hesitant about it. She nibbled at this slice but didn't gobble it down. That's fine with me -- more for Mama! 

(This is a re-post from Facebook, sorry for the repeat - but too cute not to share here.) As I said on FB, she appears to be a 3rd generation shoe lover! My mom, then me, and now MC! BD is also quite the shoe aficionado, so she definitely gets it honestly.

Her feet are so small that I've had some trouble finding hard-soled shoes for her (i.e., not soft-soled crib shoes). And I especially had trouble finding sneaker-type shoes for her - both from a size perspective and because a lot of them are cartoon characters and/or glittery...which...no thanks. I know we'll get to the glittery stage soon enough, but I'm at least going to wait until she's old enough to ask for them herself!

Trying on a pair of her new kicks! I made her a promise that I would always buy her cute shoes and her daddy would always keep them clean. (If you know BD, you know that he takes supremely good care of his shoes; he'll have on a 3 year old pair of shoes and you'd swear they are brand new.)

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Nikki said...

I cannot believe how big she's gotten. So happy for you!