Monday, September 30, 2013

MC's First Trip to Louisiana

Last week we took MC on her first trip to Louisiana to visit her grandparents and extended family.

(This is the trip that was supposed to happen back in March.)

It was her first time on an airplane, and she did fantastic! The trip was very busy with lots of new faces but she was a trooper and did great the whole time. She got to meet lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and even got to spend some time with her great grandmother.

On the first leg of our flight from RDU to ATL.

Just like our beach vacation, this was a very different trip for BD and me. We are used to scheduling flights with as little layover as possible and scooting through security at the last minute, and then relaxing on the plane during the flight. Yeah...none of that happened during this trip.

For this trip we scheduled our flights with a 2+ hour layover in Atlanta, so that we wouldn't have to rush around with the little one in tow. It worked out really well, and MC was even able to squeeze in a nap in the Atlanta airport between flights.

Airport nap!

We spent lots of time visiting her grandparents and extended family, but we also made time to play tourists in our own hometown. The popular A&E show Duck Dynasty is filmed where we grew up.

Visiting the Duck Commander warehouse. 

Picking up some souvenir merchandise for MC. 

"Visiting" with Willie. Too bad there wasn't a cut-out of Uncle Si! 

We also got to see part of a Saints game on TV while we were there! We almost never get to see the Saints play because they are in the same division as the Carolina Panthers.

Who Dat?

I spent a lot of time on Lake D'Arbonne when I was growing up and have a lot of great memories from there. My parents sold their lake camp many years ago, but now one set of MC's grandparents lives there. So hopefully she will get to make lots of memories at the lake, too!

Her first visit to Lake D'Arbonne.

And no trip to Louisiana is complete without good food - Shipley's donuts and Johnny's pizza! (And Ray's PeGe but I didn't get a picture!)

We had so much fun on our first trip to Louisiana with MC, and we really enjoyed introducing her to a lot of our extended family and friends!   

Catching some ZZZZs on the flight back home to RDU.

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