Saturday, September 14, 2013

MC's First Day of Class

I was inspired by all of the cute "First Day of School" pics I've seen recently on FB and blogs. So when it came time for MC's two classes to start this fall, I attempted to capture some of our own "First Day" pics. We, moderately successful!

First Day of Kindermusik 
September 11, 2013

This one was our first attempt and most successful of this bunch. She was too occupied with the hair bow at this point to realize there was paper within reaching distance. (Although you can tell by the wrinkles, the paper had already gone through a minor toddler inspection.)

The rest of them pretty much look like this. Ah, life with a toddler! 

We decided to try again the next day to see if we fared any better...aaaand that's the most successful one of this bunch!

First Day of Tumble Babies
September 12, 2013
(and 15 months old today!)

Yep, that's more like it - grab and crumple the paper while looking totally innocent!

We got kind of close when I asked her to show me what she had...

Aaaand then I gave up the fight.

She is doing a Kindermusik Village music class and a Tumble Babies gymnastics class, and she loves them. Both classes are at 11am, which is kind of an awkward time for us since she likes to take two naps a day, so she is usually sleeping at that time. The first Kindermusik class I decided to let her skip the morning nap and just try to power through to her afternoon nap. She did fine during class but was falling apart by the time she was eating lunch. So for the Tumble Babies class, I put her down for a short, early nap before class. She was able to sleep about an hour before I had to wake her up to leave, and that seemed to help her make it all the way through lunch and a little play time before she was ready for her afternoon nap.

Both classes are 'parent & tot' classes - meaning I don't just sit back and watch while she makes music and turns somersaults. It is a very active experience for me as well as for her! In the music class we sing and dance and play instruments to explore rhythm and sound. In the gymnastics class I assist her doing handstands, jumping on the trampoline, walking the balance beam, etc. I am very impressed with all of the "real" gymnastics they can teach them to do!

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wonderful kid ...really enjoyed the toddler is now 6 ..thx