Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Have you ever wondered what stay-at-home moms do all day long?? Don't worry...I used to wonder the same thing, too! Well, here's a sneak peek into my current life. All of our days are different, but this one represents a pretty typical "good" day around here. (Maybe the next time we have a bad day, I'll blog that one, too - so you'll get to see both pictures!) 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
MC is 14.5 months old.

7:10a - Hear MC stirring via the baby monitor beside the bed. BD goes up to get her, as he does every morning.

7:30a - After they've had some time to cuddle, play, change diaper, etc., BD brings her to me to nurse.

7:45a - Nursed, now ready to play! I entertain her by playing peek-a-boo with the bed linens. Kip appears from the den to remind me that it's time for a walk.

8:00a - Bed made, exercise clothes on, strap MC in jogging stroller, clip on Kip's leash, and we're out the door.

8:45a - Back home: sweaty & hot (me), panting (Kip), ready for breakfast (MC). Kiss BD good-bye for the day. Attempt to keep MC from playing in Kip's water bowl while I fix her breakfast.

9:00a - MC's breakfast is ready - today it's oatmeal with butter, brown sugar, & cinnamon. Sit down with her while she eats. MC signs "more" after she's finished a full serving of oatmeal. Also eats a banana.

9:30a - MC finished eating, clean-up begins. She plays on floor while I clean up the mess. Attempt to keep MC from playing in Kip's water bowl while I clean up.

9:40a - Upstairs to MC's room for morning nap.

9:50a - MC down for nap. I fix my breakfast - today it's Greek yogurt with granola. Check e-mail, Facebook, blogs while I eat.

10:20a - Make a few calls: set-up appointment to have gutters cleaned before fall, check-in with contractor about sketches for built-ins, schedule MC's 15 month well baby visit, etc. Write the first part of this post.

10:45a - Load dishwasher, put away clean dishes from last night, hand-wash oatmeal pot. Fold load of laundry, put another load in washer. Spend a few minutes looking at wallpaper samples we've picked out for downstairs half bath.

11:10a - Take quick shower, dry hair, get dressed in Mom Uniform (shorts, t-shirt, sandals).

11:40a - Switch out laundry from washer to dryer. Stare at wallpaper samples again.

11:50a - Hear via baby monitor MC awake from nap. Cuddles, change diaper, get dressed, etc. Then time for play! Play in MC's room: toys, puzzles, books, music, gymnastics on chair and giant teddy bear, etc. MC spends a lot of time poking me in the face identifying body parts - eyes, ears, nose, mouth - on me and her. Kip appears to join in the fun...bad timing - after one eye poke he makes himself scarce.

12:30p - MC's first lunch - today it's turkey deli meat, cottage cheese, roasted carrots. Call BD on speaker phone so the three of us can chat while MC eats.

1:00p - MC announces she is finished with lunch by throwing food on the floor - such a charming new habit! Clean up from first lunch (including scrub cottage cheese off rug), get ready to leave house & head to library.

1:20p - At library, look for my books first, then head to Children's section. Pick out two Baby Einstein DVDs for MC; let her hold the DVDs and wander around, read a couple board books, interact with another kiddo about her age.

2:00p - Finished at library, next stop: playground!

2:30p - Played on swings, toddled around climbing structure, examined every leaf, bug, crack in sidewalk, etc. Now time to head home.

2:45p - Home, time for MC's second lunch - today it's a waffle with pureed strawberries, and green grapes. Notice that we are down to our last baggie of frozen waffles.

3:10p - Clean up from second lunch, droopy eyes signal it's time for afternoon nap. MC plays with dish towel while I clean up. She sneaks around the corner and dunks the towel in Kip's water bowl, then flings water all over the floor. Kip gives her the stink eye from the couch. Clean up that mess, too.

3:25p - MC down for afternoon nap. I fix my lunch - today it's a turkey sandwich and green salad. Check e-mail, Facebook, blogs while I eat. Write the next section of this post.

3:45p - I make waffle batter and cook a batch of waffles to be frozen. Also, dice tomatoes and wash/shred lettuce for supper (taco Tuesday!). Friends re-runs on TV in background. Wash dishes as I go. Add a few items to grocery list. Stare at wallpaper samples again, decide that choosing wallpaper is even more difficult than choosing paint colors.

4:45p - Hear via baby monitor MC awake from nap. Put Kip behind doggie gate so he won't help himself to still-cooling batch of waffles. Get MC out of crib - cuddles, change diaper, etc. MC signs "eat" -- she is hungry for snack.

5:00p - MC eats a few crackers (aka, Annie's bunnies). She plays independently in the play room while I bag and label the waffles for the freezer.

5:20p - We walk out to check the mail - MC "explores" in the grass and I talk about the leaves, trees, whatever else I can think of, etc.  It is hot and humid outside, so we don't spend as much time on this activity as usual.

5:30p - Back inside, she wants to walk around the house pushing her push toy. We make many, many circles around the house. She indicates that she wants to get in her jumper chair, when I pick her up to put her in the jumper chair, she arches her back and protests, so I put back down on the floor. Repeat scenario. I distract her with her dump truck and blocks. I build a tower with the blocks and she crashes dump truck into it, laughs hysterically. I laugh at her laughing. Repeat scenario. More circles around the house with the push toy.

6:00p - MC's supper time - today it's a chicken/spinach/cheese muffin (that I made and froze a few weeks ago), roasted carrots, blueberries, and vanilla baby yogurt.

6:15p - BD is home! He sits down while MC finishes eating, and we all chat about our day. We laugh about something funny, and MC laughs, too - as if she is in on the joke. We laugh harder.

6:30p - MC finished eating. I clean up while BD feeds Kip and plays with MC.

6:45p - Tonight is bath night, so BD and MC head up for bath and play/cuddles after bath. I check emails, Facebook, blogs while they are upstairs. Write more of this post.

7:15p - MC clean and dressed in pajamas, ready for bed. BD hands her over to me then goes downstairs to work on supper. She nurses, then we rock and I sing to her for a few minutes before putting her in bed.

7:30p - MC asleep, baby monitor on. I help BD finish up supper. We chat. Eat supper in den, watch a show on DVR.

8:00p - Clean up supper dishes. Look at wallpaper samples again together. Agree on top two choices. 

8:45p - I read; BD watches TV. I remember there's a load of laundry in the dryer, decide I'll deal with it tomorrow.

10:00p - I get ready for bed - can't decide whether to read or watch Friends on TV to unwind. Decide on Friends, set sleep timer on TV. Watch 2 episodes of Friends before falling asleep.

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House of Sykes said...

This is great!! I've always wondered what SAHMs are up to each today. Maybe this is a glimpse into what life will be like for me one day!