Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Favorite Baby Things: 10-12 Months

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The two words that describe MC's habits during the last three months of her first year are food and toys.

I've been using this book to make yummy, healthy food for MC. She has loved everything I've made from this book. I've made apple/lentil/sweet potato salad, graham cracker cookies, sweet potato pancakes - lots of fun, different ideas. There is also a website associated with the book.

MC is not quite walking on her own yet, but that does not mean she doesn't want to be upright and on her feet all the time! This push toy gives her some independence to cruise around the house. She can push this on both the hard floors and the carpets with no problem.

MC got this swing for her first birthday. BD hung in it the back yard, and we use it almost every day! It is nice to have somewhere outside we can play instead of always having to play inside the house.

We use a pool floatie for MC when we take her to the pool. That is not our exact float, but ours is basically the same. I really like that it has a canopy to block the sun. It kind of depends on her mood as to how much she enjoys sitting in it - some days she is perfectly happy sitting in it and watching everyone, but some days all she wants to do is play in the shallow end. Luckily, our float folds down into a carry case, so it is super easy to bring with us to the pool and blow up quickly if she decides to sit in it.

Here are a few other seasonal items, not necessarily age related, that we're using lately:

MC is fair-skinned and doesn't have a lot of hair, so I always have this sun hat on her head if we are outside at all. I even use this just for trips across the parking lot from the car into a store. It fits easily into one of the pockets on the diaper bag, so I always have it handy. Hers is this (Carolina!) blue color, but of course you know I had a pink monogram put on it! :)

We've tried several different brands of sunscreen for MC this summer. We are using only non-nano mineral (non-chemical) sunscreens for MC. I'll let you do your own research about sunscreens (if you're interested, check out the EWG sunscreen guide or the Safe Mama guide), but we chose mineral sunscreens because they do not penetrate the skin and are stable in sunlight, among other reasons. There are several good brands and most of the "new" ones, don't turn your skin that weird white color. California Baby is one of the brands that we have used and liked. We also like Badger and The Honest Company sunscreens.

In keeping with the sun protection theme, all of MC's swimsuits are similar in style to this suit. We go to the pool several times a week, so we have several suits for her that are the bottom piece with a short-sleeved or 3/4-sleeved rash guard top. I was actually planning for her to wear a regular one-piece style suit for her until I spoke to my dermatologist about it. I was asking her opinion on sunscreens for MC, and she recommended the non-chemical sunscreens but also pointed out that for young children, being covered up with UPF clothing is just as important.

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