Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MC's First Birthday Party

We had MC's first birthday party on the Saturday following her actual birthday. Months before the big day we reserved a picnic shelter at the municipal park near our house and crossed our fingers for good weather on the day of the party. We weren't disappointed - mid-80s, sunny, and low humidity...the weather was perfect!

I enjoy planning and hosting parties, so I really had fun putting this little party together for her. We kept it pretty low-key since I wanted BD and myself to be able to relax during the party and celebrate our first year of parenthood.

I found a pink and yellow bubble suit for her, which inspired the Lemonade theme. I knew I wanted to do a summery theme for the party since it was in mid-June, and drinking lemonade out of mason jars seems to be the ultimate Southern summer activity. Plus pink, yellow, and lime green are fun, summery, girly colors!

I worked with a designer on Etsy for the invitations, favor tags, and cupcake toppers.

party invitations

pink, yellow, and lime green jelly beans in 4oz mason jars for party favors

cupcake toppers

Big, bright polka dot balloons in mason jars continued our color scheme on the tables.

And of course there was lemonade and mason jars for drinking!

The party was right around lunch time, so we had some of our favorite Mexican food catered in for lunch.

BD and MC's grandparents got everything set up before the party. And then it was time to have some fun with our friends and family and celebrate MC being one year old!

Happy Birthday, MC! We weren't sure how she would do with everyone singing and staring at her, but she was not bothered - then she dug in to her cupcake!

We've had such a fun year with this little lady and her party was the perfect way to commemorate it! Now we can't wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for our little family!

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