Sunday, June 23, 2013

Twelve Months Old!

No one is more surprised than we are that MC is an entire year old! It's been almost two weeks since her birthday, and I still can't quite wrap my head around that reality.

BD and I were together for a long time before we even talked about having kids and then it was a while after that before we decided we actually wanted one. It turns out all that time, we were just waiting for her.

June 12, 2013

She has filled our lives with joy beyond measure and more love than we knew we had. (And that's saying something because we love our KipDog something fierce!) This has been, without a doubt, the best year of our lives. She is a lot of work, but she's also a lot of fun, and we are so, so glad she's ours.

I am kind of glad we are done with the monthly photos. Turns out that as babies get older, it only gets harder to take a posed photo. I think I might continue with the monthly update posts (no promises!), but I'm not going to keep trying to get her in the same pose with the bear. I'm out of stickers for her shirt anyway.

This month it took two separate days of photos to get a good "official" twelve month photo. Here are some outtakes from both days:

"Hi! I can wave! Did you know I can wave? Here, let me show you, I can wave...with both hands! Hi! I can wave! Let me show you!"

"Okay, fine. I'll stop waving. But I won't smile."

"Did you know this sticker on my shirt is removable? Here, let me show you...if I just pull on it like this...wait, hold on...I know it comes off somehow...I'll just ignore you for the next 5 minutes while I try to figure it out."

"Okay, fine...I can't get the sticker off, but I know for sure how to get this hair bow off!"

"Psssshhht. Not even my cute sun hat is enough to distract me. I'm outta here."

"This is my 'I'm Officially Done With This' face."

Here are some other fun things from this month:
  • She has discovered Kip's water and food bowls and is constantly trying to get to them and splash in the water. Kip is pretty patient with her and doesn't get too phased by it, but we try to keep her away from them for the most part. 
  • She sits on her knees when she plays on the floor. She looks like such a big kid when she does it!
  • She decided she does not like her face and hands wiped after she eats and pitches a huge fit when we try to clean her up.
  • She has developed what we call a "turbo crawl" when she spies something interesting or if she's excited about something. She will be crawling along at a normal speed then suddenly she zips forward, like she's hit a turbo button.
  • She can catch a ball that's rolled to her on the floor and will attempt to roll it back.
  • She will roll a ball on the floor and chase after it herself. This is usually how she entertains herself in the kitchen while I'm cleaning up after she eats.
  • She dangles her hand over the high chair tray to get Kip's attention, then goes into fits of giggles when he comes over to lick her hand.
  • She likes to drop a toy into a hole or crack and then reach in to retrieve it. Favorite spots for this activity are the gap between our mattress and headboard and the space between the refrigerator and wall.

Twelve Month Info

Stats (Updated 6.27.2013)
We think she's about 16 lbs and 27 inches. I'll update this with official measurements after we go for her one year check-up this week.
Height: 26 3/8"
Weight: 16 lbs 2.5 oz

She is still eating great! She eats 3 meals a day, and she eats everything I put down on her tray. I make all of her food, so I'm having fun trying out new things for her. She loves muffins; I have a simple muffin base that I make and then add in all kinds of foods - spinach, chicken, apples, cheese - lots of different combinations for her.

This week I made graham crackers and whole-wheat waffles, and she loves both of those. She continues to really love beans; this week she's eating kidney beans.

I've also started offering her some whole cow's milk in her sippy cup while she eats. She's not too sure what she thinks of it. She will take a few sips but still prefers mostly water. I have a ton of breast milk in the freezer, so I think I'm going to start mixing it with the whole milk until she gets more used to the cow's milk. She nurses four times a day - first thing in the morning, before both naps, and before bed.

Nothing has changed with her sleeping - still two 2 hour naps a day and 12 hours of night sleep (generally 7p-7a).

She is wearing 9 month clothes.

She is saying "hi" and just recently has started saying "bye" but not consistently. I'm trying to teach her "Uh Oh". When I say it to her, she'll mimic me but only the "uh" or the "oh" - she's not putting both parts together yet.

(you can click on this pic to see a bigger version)

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