Monday, May 20, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl (and Kip); most of these are from late April/early May.
We dug out some crappie that was in our freezer (courtesy of BD's dad) and had a Louisiana-style fish fry to celebrate my 33rd birthday after MC went to bed. BD watched the final few minutes of the Masters tournament on the iPad while we ate.

Our little artist made her first watercolor masterpiece.

We went to a "lapsitters" story time at our local library. This was the week before Mother's Day, so all of the books and songs were about mom - very cute.

Out running errands on a cool spring day - hair bow matches the onesie, naturally.
Kip says, "HELLO. Remember me??"

Dressed up to go meet a friend for lunch.

Kip has now officially put himself up for adoption. He's only considering families without curious babies.

Recently we've been eating lunch out on the deck (the umbrella is yellow, which is why she looks jaundiced in this picture).

So tired he can't even be bothered to get all 4 paws up on the couch.

YUM - bananas!

Playing outside, enjoying the nice weather.


Nikki said...

Poor Kip! LOL!!!! I can tell you are enjoying every minute w/ MC. I'm so happy for you. Love from Louisiana.

Fine For Now said...

MC is so adorable! Hard to believe she will be one soon! Our little James follows in July :)