Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eleven Months Old!

MC is eleven months old!! How is it possible that she's going to be a whole year old in just one month?! She is growing up so quicky right before our eyes! She is the sweetest, happiest little thing, and we have so much fun with her. We just love her to pieces.
May 12, 2013

We had a couple of big changes this month. One with her eating - she finally seems to have decided that eating is fun and delicious (more details below). And our other big change this month: I am now a stay-at-home mom!! BD and I have never been totally happy with me working and her being in daycare, so after lots of discussion we decided that right now it's best for me to be home with her full-time. I didn't go back to work until she was six months old, and I loved being home on extended maternity leave, so although it was scary to walk away from a job I liked, I am beyond thrilled to be home again with her. We won't get this time back with her, so now's the time to do it!

Lots of other fun things happening with our girl:
  • She now gives big, slobbery kisses when we ask for one when she feels like it. It's a little like being attacked by a zombie baby trying to eat your face, but it is sooo sweet.
  • She has discovered that doors will open and/or close if you push on them. She can entertain herself for a while with this new discovery.
  • She bops around and "dances" when music is played.
  • She is officially obsessed with Kip - if he's within reaching distance, she is trying to get to him. He is less than pleased.
  • She has been pulling up to standing for a while, but just recently has started to figure out how to bend her knees and get back down on the floor. Her previous method was just to let go and plop down on her rear end. Now she has more of a controlled descent. This has also allowed her to figure out how to lean down and pick up something and then get herself back to standing.
  • She has learned to climb up the stairs. I sit on the stairs everyday to put on my shoes before we take Kip for a walk, and she plays on the floor at my feet. One day she crawled over and pulled herself up onto the first step just like she'd done it a million times before - no hesitation. She got two or three steps up before she tired out. Now she wants to crawl up the steps every time she's near them, so I guess the baby gates will be going up soon.    

Eleven Month Info:

Height/weight unknown - we don't go back for another well-baby check up until her 1 year appointment.

Her feeding switch got flipped to the ON position this month; she is eating everything I put down on the tray for her. I haven't found anything yet that she won't eat! She eats table food twice a day - lunch and supper. I can put chunks of food down on her tray and she will feed herself, and she will also let me feed her from a spoon. She also drinks water from a sippy cup while she's eating.

Her sleeping continues to be excellent. She takes two naps a day (around 1.5 - 2 hrs each) and sleeps 12 hours each night.

Still in 6 month clothes - slowly creeping toward the 9 month size, which is very good news because all of her summer clothes are 9 month size.

She is babbling all the time - lots of Dada and "duh" for Kip. She also says All Done and Hi. She is signing Milk, All Done, and we're working on More and Water.

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sil said...

she looks so cute!
that's great that she's eating. my daughter is 7 mos and not really eating or sleeping very well, but i feel like she will get there soon. congrats on being able to stay home!