Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's Eat

I mentioned in her eleven month post that MC has really started to enjoy eating lately. I wasn't joking...none of these pictures are staged:

This was after she'd eaten two helpings of avocado (about 1/2 of a whole avocado), and I gave her the empty bowl to play with when she finished. During this meal, she also ate a serving of cottage cheese, black beans, sweet potato, and a handful of blueberries. We haven't yet found anything she won't eat. She does seem to have a few favorites: scrambled egg, black beans, and avocado top the list right now. And by favorite I mean if I put those items down on the tray with other stuff, she will pick through and eat the favorite first before eating the other stuff. 

If I want her to eat something with a strong taste (ex: sharp cheddar cheese or broccoli), I just mix it in with something she's familiar with for a few days before giving it to her as a stand-alone item. Everything pretty much gets all mixed together on the tray anyway, so mixing things together doesn't bother her.  

And yes, we went straight to the bathtub after supper on this night!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl (and Kip); most of these are from late April/early May.
We dug out some crappie that was in our freezer (courtesy of BD's dad) and had a Louisiana-style fish fry to celebrate my 33rd birthday after MC went to bed. BD watched the final few minutes of the Masters tournament on the iPad while we ate.

Our little artist made her first watercolor masterpiece.

We went to a "lapsitters" story time at our local library. This was the week before Mother's Day, so all of the books and songs were about mom - very cute.

Out running errands on a cool spring day - hair bow matches the onesie, naturally.
Kip says, "HELLO. Remember me??"

Dressed up to go meet a friend for lunch.

Kip has now officially put himself up for adoption. He's only considering families without curious babies.

Recently we've been eating lunch out on the deck (the umbrella is yellow, which is why she looks jaundiced in this picture).

So tired he can't even be bothered to get all 4 paws up on the couch.

YUM - bananas!

Playing outside, enjoying the nice weather.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eleven Months Old!

MC is eleven months old!! How is it possible that she's going to be a whole year old in just one month?! She is growing up so quicky right before our eyes! She is the sweetest, happiest little thing, and we have so much fun with her. We just love her to pieces.
May 12, 2013

We had a couple of big changes this month. One with her eating - she finally seems to have decided that eating is fun and delicious (more details below). And our other big change this month: I am now a stay-at-home mom!! BD and I have never been totally happy with me working and her being in daycare, so after lots of discussion we decided that right now it's best for me to be home with her full-time. I didn't go back to work until she was six months old, and I loved being home on extended maternity leave, so although it was scary to walk away from a job I liked, I am beyond thrilled to be home again with her. We won't get this time back with her, so now's the time to do it!

Lots of other fun things happening with our girl:
  • She now gives big, slobbery kisses when we ask for one when she feels like it. It's a little like being attacked by a zombie baby trying to eat your face, but it is sooo sweet.
  • She has discovered that doors will open and/or close if you push on them. She can entertain herself for a while with this new discovery.
  • She bops around and "dances" when music is played.
  • She is officially obsessed with Kip - if he's within reaching distance, she is trying to get to him. He is less than pleased.
  • She has been pulling up to standing for a while, but just recently has started to figure out how to bend her knees and get back down on the floor. Her previous method was just to let go and plop down on her rear end. Now she has more of a controlled descent. This has also allowed her to figure out how to lean down and pick up something and then get herself back to standing.
  • She has learned to climb up the stairs. I sit on the stairs everyday to put on my shoes before we take Kip for a walk, and she plays on the floor at my feet. One day she crawled over and pulled herself up onto the first step just like she'd done it a million times before - no hesitation. She got two or three steps up before she tired out. Now she wants to crawl up the steps every time she's near them, so I guess the baby gates will be going up soon.    

Eleven Month Info:

Height/weight unknown - we don't go back for another well-baby check up until her 1 year appointment.

Her feeding switch got flipped to the ON position this month; she is eating everything I put down on the tray for her. I haven't found anything yet that she won't eat! She eats table food twice a day - lunch and supper. I can put chunks of food down on her tray and she will feed herself, and she will also let me feed her from a spoon. She also drinks water from a sippy cup while she's eating.

Her sleeping continues to be excellent. She takes two naps a day (around 1.5 - 2 hrs each) and sleeps 12 hours each night.

Still in 6 month clothes - slowly creeping toward the 9 month size, which is very good news because all of her summer clothes are 9 month size.

She is babbling all the time - lots of Dada and "duh" for Kip. She also says All Done and Hi. She is signing Milk, All Done, and we're working on More and Water.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Favorite Baby Things: 7-9 Months

Check out our 4-6 Month list and our 0-3 Month list for younger babies.

We started really working on solid foods with MC during the 7-9 month timeframe. It has been a very slow process with her, but there were several things that helped us.

These spoons were the only ones shallow enough that she could easily get to the food with her small mouth. Also, they are rubber tipped so I don't have to worry about hitting her gums or her biting down on hard plastic or metal.

I was surprised at how many options there were to chose from when I started looking at bowls to use for her food. You'd think that a bowl is a bowl, right?! I chose these bowls - they were simple and inexpensive.

And if I thought there were a lot of bowls to choose from, I was really overwhelmed by the bazillion different varieties of sippy cups. We've tried several different ones, but these seem to be her current favorite. I'm still holding and tilting the cup for her right now, but I'm sure the handles will come in handy for her little hands soon. These haven't leaked so far and don't have a ton of parts to take apart for washing.

These bibs are the best ones I've found. The pouch helps to keep the food from ending up in her lap, and they wipe clean pretty easily - although she's so messy with the eating that I end up tossing them in the wash after each use. I machine wash but hang to dry (not sure what the manufacturer recommends), and they have held up well.

For toys during this age range, MC has really enjoyed things that make noise and put/take toys. Here are a few of her favorites.

This picnic basket gets tons of playtime currently. She loves to take the food out and put it back in the basket again and again. As a bonus, the sandwich pieces are velcroed together so she likes to pull the layers apart.

This ball ramp has also been a big hit. She quickly figured out how to put the balls on the ramp to watch them roll down, and the balls themselves rattle so she also plays with those separately from the ramp.

She really seems to enjoy music these days - clapping her hands and bopping her head to the tunes. These two CDs were in her Easter basket, and we have listened to them a lot. Even though it is kids' music, I really enjoy it myself; I don't find them very irritating at all.

We started using a forward-facing stroller during this time frame. (Although ours is black, not red like this picture - you know this Tar Heel family doesn't have a Wolfpack red stroller, LOL!) I know lots of people have very strong opinions on strollers, but I mainly just wanted one that was light-weight and didn't take up my entire trunk. This is the same brand of car seat and stroller frame that we've been using since MC was born. I tested a few in-person at the store, and this one seemed to fit my needs just fine. (FYI - I used a 20% off BRU coupon and got this cheaper than the Amazon price.)

(This is not a sponsored post.)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; most of these are from late March/early April.
All dressed up for a friend's wedding. We were a little nervous about taking her to the ceremony, but she did fantastic! I had some quiet toys with us to keep her occupied, but she mostly entertained herself by waving and playing peek-a-boo with the people around us. I think they paid more attention to her than to the wedding!

April 13, 2013 

She has definitely turned a corner in the eating department recently. She is eating everything on her tray - feeding herself and letting me feed her from a spoon. She's also drinking water from a sippy cup while she eats (I tilt up the cup for her).

We spent some time outside last weekend enjoying the pretty, sunny weather. I brought several toys out for her, but of course all she wanted to do was crawl to the edge of the blanket and pick up leaves and pollen worms!