Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten Months Old!

Our sweet little MC turned 10 months old, and she is still our favorite thing ever. (Don't worry, Kip is a close second!)

This month she turned 10 months old on the same day I turned 33 years old, so we shared a celebration day.

 April 12, 2013
She is busy, busy, busy all the time these days, and it is almost impossible to catch an image of her sitting still. Much to my dismay, she has discovered that her headbands and bows are removeable. So I quickly snapped the picture above as soon as I sat her down next to Bear, and then the rest of the photos looked like this:

She is very interested in "put" and "take" games this month. She wants to put an item into your hand or a container of some sort and then reach for it and take it back out.
Another new thing is to drop an item, usually while she's sitting in her high chair, and then peeeeek over the edge to see where it went. After the item is handed back to her, she repeats the process (and again and again).
She likes anything that makes noise - these balls are a current favorite. And her set of stacking cups get a lot of playtime.

Ten Month Info:

Height/weight unknown - we don't go back for another well baby check-up until her 1 year appointment.

Her eating has made good improvements this month. I generally feed her the same thing several days in a row because she seems to eat more each day as she gets used to the flavor and texture. This week she is eating banana in the morning at daycare and brown rice and avocado in the afternoon at home. Last week she ate Cheerios and avocado. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she can gum a Cheerio in half with surprising quickness! I'm repeating the avocado this week since it's high in healthy fats - hopefully this girl will start to do some growin'!

Her night sleeping continues to be great - usually 7pm to 7am, uninterrupted. This month she also started napping in her crib. During the week she takes a long (2+ hour) nap in the afternoon. On the weekends she takes a 1.5 hour morning nap and a 1.5 hour afternoon nap.

She is wearing 6 month clothes.

She continues to babble a lot and is beginning to say some "words" that we recognize. In addition to Dada and Mama, she has begun to say "duh" for Kip (I guess it's supposed to be "dog"?). She also says something that sounds like "hiiiiii" but she isn't doing it consistently yet. She has started to pick up on the signs we are using for "milk" and "all done". Last week she repeated the words "all done" to me -- it sounded more like "ah dah" but I knew what she meant! I always say it to her in a sing-songy voice, drawing out the L and N - and she mimicked me exactly "ahhh dahhh". Cutest thing ever!

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