Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MC's First Easter

We celebrated MC's first Easter over the weekend, and she had so much fun! BD and I enjoyed picking out things for her first Easter basket. The stuffed bunny came from an Etsy shop; I've ordered several of these bunnies as baby gifts, and the fabrics and quality are top-notch. We also gave her some music CD's (Raffi and Laurie Berkner are our new favorites) and some small toys.

She got some other goodies from her grandparents - lots of cute stuff for her.

She was most excited with the grass in the bottom of her baskets - turns out nine month olds are pretty easy to please!

Sharing some Easter grass with Kip; he was not as impressed as she was.

One of her favorite things these days is to pull items out of a container so she had fun pulling the plastic eggs out of the basket over and over again.

March 31, 2013

Later in the day, we headed out for a walk. She was sitting on the stairs like a big girl next to Daddy while he put on his walking shoes, so I got a cute shot of her in her sun hat.


sil said...

too cute! what etsy shop did you get the bunny from??

LA and BD said...

Thanks sil! I added links for the Etsy shop to the post; the shop name is Chenille Treasures.