Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nine Months Old!

MC is nine months old, and I have no idea how that happened! Wasn't it just 5 minutes ago we brought this tiny little baby home to live with us? Life with her gets better each month, and just when we think our hearts can't possibly get any bigger...we wake up the next day more in love with her than before.

March 14, 2013

Although you'd never know from these pictures, she was recovering from RSV during our monthly photo shoot. It made for a tough week, but thankfully she seems to be on the mend.

Aside from the illness, this has been a great month. She has said her first word of "Dada" for BD; when he walks in from work in the evenings, she starts calling out for Dada. She is crawling and pulling up constantly. She likes to be on the move, but she's also quite the snuggler. She cuddles with BD for a while in the mornings after she wakes up, and she's always happy to sit in my lap and just hang out. Her personality continues to be pretty even keeled and laid back.

Other fun things from this month:
  • She waves more consistently when you tell her 'hi' or 'bye'.
  • She claps her hands. At first she would only clap when she was nursing. (I like to think it was in appreciation of my excellent mothering skills. Or to make up for the fact that she said "Dada" first. Ahem.) Now she does it on her own or if you say "Yay!".
  • She has really gotten into playing peek-a-boo. If you cover her face with something - a bib or burpcloth - she yanks it right off and has a huge grin and laugh.
  • She loves to turn the pages in books when we read. We have several of those lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel books, and she knows right where to lift the flap or feel the texture on each page.
  • We started working on some sign language with her. So far we are working on milk, more, all done, Mommy, Daddy, and diaper.
  • She loves to splash her hands and feet in the bath or at the pool.

Nine Month Info

(official measurements from the Dr)
weight 14 lbs 2.5 oz
height 26 inches

As I mentioned in this post her solid foods eating is improving. I discovered that she doesn't like purees but does like big chunks of food that she can feed herself. Some days are still better than others, but she is much more interested overall which is a relief. She still nurses four times a day plus she takes one 5oz bottle during the morning at daycare. She is night weaned; she weaned herself when she started sleeping through the night in early February.

Her sleeping continues to be excellent. Daylight Savings caused a slight setback earlier this week because she likes to go to bed between 6:30-7 and now it is still daylight at that time. We do have room darkening curtains over blinds on her windows, but it still seems to be too light in there for her. BD has temporarily solved the problem by hanging a big quilt from the rod over the curtains. We'll look into some roll down blackout shades as a more permanent solution. She generally sleeps 12 hours at night in her crib and takes 2 or 3 naps during the day. She continues to not nap during the mornings at daycare, and I'm not really sure how to solve that problem. She does usually nap in BD's truck on the way to daycare in the mornings, and she naps with me on the way home. And then she takes a long afternoon nap - usually around 2 hours. So in aggregate she is getting plenty of sleep, but in my mind babies are "supposed" to take a morning nap and an afternoon nap!! She still won't nap very often in her crib; she prefers to be held for naps. She had a few successful naps in her cribs before she got sick earlier this week, so we'll probably pick that up again after she's feeling better.

She's wearing 6 month clothes.

She is constantly babbling - stringing together lots of hard consonant sounds. She says Dada for BD, and she says Mama when she's upset. Recently she's also starting blowing raspberries again which we haven't heard for several months.

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