Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From Bad to Worse to Are You Kidding Me

A brief timeline of the past two weeks:

Sunday, March 10
*MC starts running a low-grade fever

Tuesday, March 12
*MC spikes temp of 103 - diagnosis: RSV
*BD & LA spend the rest of the week trading off going to work/staying home with MC

Friday, March 15
*BD's ailing grandfather dies
*LA gets flat tire in Target parking lot

Saturday, March 16
*LA wakes up running high temp, aches, chills - diagnosis: mastitis

Monday, March 18
*LA catches MC's RSV or some other equally terrible upper respiratory viral infection

Tuesday, March 19
*MC gets stomach virus
*BD gets stomach virus

Wednesday, March 20
*supposed to leave today on long-planned trip to Louisiana to visit MC's grandparents/extended family, have to cancel due to stomach virus
*discover MC also has infected ears

Thursday, March 21
*due to lasting effects of stomach virus, MC can't keep down antibiotic for ears - start painful antibiotic shots 1x day for the next 3 days

Saturday, March 23
*LA's ear feels like someone is stabbing it with a hot ice pick, then ear leaking blood - diagnosis: ruptured eardrum

{Nothing has happened since Saturday, which either means something crappy will probably happen today OR maybe we will finally catch a break!}


Nikki said...

Awwwww ... I am SO sorry. When it rains it pours here for me too. I hope you all are well soon. Tell BD I'm sorry to hear about his grandpa. Love and Hugs from your friend in LA.

maryfranceswrites said...

Holy goodness, I am so sorry! This sounds truly terrible. I hope that things have gotten better since then. And happy anniversary!