Monday, February 25, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; most of these are from late January and early February 2013.

The teachers at daycare called her a "classy ladybug" on this day. (I added the headband and bow once we got home in the afternoon...there's no way that is staying in place all morning at daycare.)

All dressed up for a Carolina basketball game on an unusually warm winter day.

Playing with one of the Fisher Price baby apps on her iPad. She got the Fisher Price Apptivity Case for Christmas. These help entertain her while she's constrained in the high chair so I can work in the kitchen without her being under my feet.

More high chair constrainment, this time with less high-tech entertainment. (Do you notice a theme here...a lot of playing in the high chair...not a lot of eating.)

Who needs to play with baby toys when there are dog toys available?! Her order of preference is (1) TV remote, (2) my cell phone, (3) Kip's toys, (4) her toys.

One wants out; one wants in.

Hmmmm...this looks I can pluck off a leaf and get it in my mouth before Mama can put down the camera and get to me. (Yep, she was right. I seem to be fishing a lot of things out of her mouth these days!)

Playing with the musical sea turtle.

Two-for-one: something she's not supposed to have (Mama's to-do list) + somewhere she's not supposed to be (under a TV tray)!
Yes, can I help you? I was just eating reading this book.
Daddy's nose tastes yummy!

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Nikki said...

Oh I just LOVE it! I am so happy for you!