Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eight Months Old!

MC turned 8 months old a few weeks ago, and the lateness of this post is a direct result of her increased mobility this month! She is all over the place, constantly crawling and exploring everything, and we are busy trying to keep up with her. It is such a joy for us to experience the world through her eyes.
February 21, 2013

Long gone are the days of getting multiple pictures with the bear for each month. The above picture is really the only good one I got this time; she quickly got frustrated with me trying to put her back in place over and over again, so we just moved on to other areas of her room.

Her crawling got much faster this month, and she's pulling herself to standing. She's taken a few knocks to the head as a result and has the bruises and bumps to show for it. Her other new skill is waving, which is just as cute as it sounds. Her wave started off backwards - she turned her hand to face herself. Then it evolved into just holding her hand in the air, and most recently she has developed what we call her "pageant wave" which is the best one so far. She totally understands that you wave when you see someone; she doesn't quite get that it's an initial greeting, so each time you enter or leave the room, she waves. Also, if she's crawling away from us, she stops multiple times to look back and wave.

Not only is she getting harder to photograph, but Kip also has decided that he needs to keep his eye on her when she's moving around, so now he's in the middle of every picture. Now that she can crawl and pull up to standing, he's having to learn how to keep himself out of reach when he doesn't want to be bothered by her. He's torn because he is interested and curious about her, but he doesn't quite know what to expect from her little grabby hands.  

Other fun things from this month:
  • She started sitting in a high chair when we take her to a restaurant and riding in the seat of the grocery cart - both very "big girl" milestones!
  • I'm not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but she's got lots of hair growing in on her head. For a long time we couldn't really tell if the hair was going to be blonde or strawberry-blonde, but now that more is growing in we can tell she's definitely a true blondie. BD and I were both towheads as kids but turned darker as we got older, so she'll probably do the same thing.
Our monthly photo shoot abruptly ended when she discovered that the number on her shirt is a sticker and can be removed.

Eight Month Info

Current height and weight unknown. But basically she is tiny, and everyone comments on it. It's not that her being small is worrisome to me, but it's one of those situations where I'm not really sure how to respond. It makes me feel a little defensive when people comment, although I know they are, for the most part, not being judgey about it. My instinctive response to these comments is to point out that she is on her growth curve, and that her father and I are small people; it's not really in her DNA to be a giant. However, one of my main goals is to raise her with a healthy body image of herself, and I certainly don't want to start this early creating the impression that being small-statured is either good or bad, so I usually answer with a cheerful, "Yep!" to those comments and then change the subject.

She continues to be decidedly uninterested in all things solid foods. Recently at daycare the teachers were talking to me about how mobile she is and how it seems like she would be developmentally ready for solids. I told them I have been trying since she was 5.5 months old but she is just not interested. They suggested I bring the food to them to try; sometimes the babies do better if it's not Mommy or Daddy trying to feed them. So, I did. I started by bringing in oat cereal and extra milk to mix with it. The first day on her Daily Sheet it said, "[MC] ate most of her cereal, didn't seem to think that it is delicious. However, she ate most without a lot of fuss." Apparently the next day the "most" part took a sharp decline, so her lead teacher suggested I bring in some applesauce to mix in with the oat cereal because "everybody likes applesauce." So, I did. After two days of trying the applesauce/cereal mixture, her teacher reported, "She makes it clear she is not yet interested in eating solids." My (internal) response: LOL, TOLD YA. I continue to try once every few days with her...and she continues to refuse. We have had a tiny bit of success with her feeding herself the little Gerber puffs, so my next tactic is going to be cut up some small pieces of mushy foods (banana, avocado, etc) and see if she'll pick it up herself and eat it. I have heard some stories from other moms whose babies just didn't like the spoon and/or puree texture. I'll ask the pediatrician when we go for her 9 month well-baby check-up to see if he has any concerns or suggestions for the situation. Hopefully I'll have some progress to report next month! I keep telling BD that I am not going to be nursing her at Kindergarten drop-off.

I am very happy to report that her current nighttime sleeping habits are excellent! This topic really deserves a dedicated post of its own. Basically, she started giving us signs that she was ready to go to sleep on her own, so we did a tiny bit of sleep training with her at the beginning of February. She took to it almost immediately with minimal fuss, proving to us that she was more than ready, and has been sleeping 12 hours at night without a peep for almost a month now. We do our bedtime routine between 6:30-7:00pm each night; I lay her down drowsy but awake, and we don't hear from her until BD goes to get her in the mornings around 7:00am. We know that we are very lucky with this situation, and that is might not always be this easy, but we are thankful that it is going so smoothly for now.

Her daytime sleeping habits still leave a bit to be desired...namely, that she won't nap unless someone is holding her. Which means she doesn't take a good nap at daycare during the mornings - one of the teachers will hold her to nap as long as they can, but this often means only a 30min nap or so all morning. Then she comes home in the afternoon with me and crashes; I often sit in the rocking chair and hold her while she naps for 2 hours or more. I've tried a couple of times to do a little bit of daytime sleep training with her, but the techniques we used for her nighttime sleep training are not effective during the day for some reason. So for now, I hold her and rock while she sleeps. Sometimes it's annoying to be trapped in the rocking chair for multiple hours, but ultimately I know that these days are passing fast and will be a thing of the past before I know it.

She is in 6 month clothes.
She is constantly babbling. She says a lot of "Dada" but I don't think she quite means it specifically for BD just yet although we respond back to her like she does. She only says "Mama" when she's upset, of course. She also does lots of strings of hard-consonant sounds.

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Monday, February 25, 2013


Here are some recent pictures of our girl; most of these are from late January and early February 2013.

The teachers at daycare called her a "classy ladybug" on this day. (I added the headband and bow once we got home in the afternoon...there's no way that is staying in place all morning at daycare.)

All dressed up for a Carolina basketball game on an unusually warm winter day.

Playing with one of the Fisher Price baby apps on her iPad. She got the Fisher Price Apptivity Case for Christmas. These help entertain her while she's constrained in the high chair so I can work in the kitchen without her being under my feet.

More high chair constrainment, this time with less high-tech entertainment. (Do you notice a theme here...a lot of playing in the high chair...not a lot of eating.)

Who needs to play with baby toys when there are dog toys available?! Her order of preference is (1) TV remote, (2) my cell phone, (3) Kip's toys, (4) her toys.

One wants out; one wants in.

Hmmmm...this looks I can pluck off a leaf and get it in my mouth before Mama can put down the camera and get to me. (Yep, she was right. I seem to be fishing a lot of things out of her mouth these days!)

Playing with the musical sea turtle.

Two-for-one: something she's not supposed to have (Mama's to-do list) + somewhere she's not supposed to be (under a TV tray)!
Yes, can I help you? I was just eating reading this book.
Daddy's nose tastes yummy!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MC's First Valentine's Day

In addition to her first Mardi Gras, last week was also MC's first Valentine's Day! It was a fun week!

February 14, 2013

Of course you are not surprised that she had an appropriately-themed outfit to wear for the day, right?!

It says "Kiss" in red appliqued letters. Awwww, so cute!! And it had heart-printed fabric ruffles on the butt, which were quite hard to catch on camera. Also, in the picture on the left you can see the fuzzy, blonde hair that is starting to grow in on her head! 

Checking out the Valentine's goodies from her grandparents.

Our lil' Valentine!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MC's First Mardi Gras

Last week we celebrated MC's Louisiana heritage on her first Mardi Gras! We didn't have king cake this year, but we did have a cute onesie and fun beads to chew wear!

February 12, 2013

Throw me something, Mister!

Her new skill: waving hello!